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Pain and in the wake

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Yesterday, I pushed through any pain and got a fair bit done and it really needed it.  Almost every dish in the house had to be washed.   Today I am paying for it.  I have had to temporarily cancel the lady that helps me in the house due to appointments, meaning no help for a month now.  I am quite OCD about neatness and cleanliness. Daily pain without relenting due to spinal stenosis and tendonitis is really starting to get me down.  I had to give up Vinnies in the parish due to the tendonitis, holding a pen or cup even is painful, and now I can barely do things around the house and garden and I walk bent all the time due to back pain running down into my legs.  I would be grateful for a prayer that I do not succumb to depression and related bad moods.  I do offer things up but they are tainted offerings indeed marked by depression and lousy moods.  I guess if I did get over the latter, I would start to feel proud.  Sort of loss if I do and loss if I don't.  I think what to hope for other than a little miracle is that I don't let depression and lousy moods affect relationships and other people.  And even that achieved, pride will probably creep in or try to rather.  Weary too of spiritual battles.....oh poor me! :baby:   A prayer too for all who need prayer.

Thus goes 'thinking on one's feet' (at a keyboard). 

Thanks heaps, fellow Phatmassers :) 

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