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Kidney recipient -- Prayers, please!

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In January 2017, I got an email letting me know a young woman in the USA was in Stage 5 kidney failure. She and I were both slated to be consecrated as virgins living in the world. I knew as soon as I read the email that I should step forward as a possible donor for her. (We were each subsequently consecrated, in the summer of 2017, a month apart.)

More than 1.5 years have passed since I first learned of her dire health issues and stepped forward. The two of us have been in contact via text & Facebook. I've also been in close contact with the center that is handling her medical case. I've gone through two rounds of testing and have passed with flying colors. Her blood & tissues have had the best possible reaction to mine, which is remarkable considering we are not related. We are on separate sides of the country, so the testing so far has been done remotely.

I work for a huge secular company that has been absolutely marvelous about offering me paid time off to get further testing, and to have a surgery, should it eventually work out. Things have not gone so smoothly for the potential recipient. She has had obstacle after obstacle, week after week, with forms, insurance coverage, you name it. She goes to dialysis 3 times a week and is there for several hours at a time. She is absolutely exhausted and wrung out regarding how long all of this is taking.

I asked her if I could recruit prayers for her on this forum and she replied, "Yes!" So, please pray for her. I am ready, willing, and able to give her a kidney. Science tells us I'm a great match. There is still a round I need to go through for them to verify I can undergo surgery (it is yet to be scheduled -- but I've had major surgeries before and came through them like a champ, so I'm not worried).

My biggest intentions are: 1) That the nonsense of paperwork & bureaucracy, etc., gets pushed through a.s.a.p. so this beautiful young woman is not hanging forever in the limbo of constant dialysis; 2) That as she waits she is comforted and strengthened.

Thanks to each of you for the prayers I know you will offer!


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