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For the Repose of a Soul

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Back in 2005, I met a non-traditional student in his 40s  when I switched to Criminal Justice as a major.  Really knowledgeable guy, great sense of humor, spoke several languages passably, though not fluently.  We had classes together for the next three years, studied for Finals together many times, and then ended up doing our Masters together as well.  We both went for our doctorate at different places, and he hit financial roadblocks.

Eventually he unfollowed me on Facebook, saying it was too hard to see me in his dream job, though I told him it was okay, and that quite honestly, I envied him having found the love of his life while I remained single.   We'd still chat once in a while, and we'd banter like old times if I commented on one of his non-academic posts.  Tonight I came home from Chicago to log in to Facebook and see he was tagged in a post by his wife, lamenting that she had lost the love of her life and best friend last night.

So if you all would please pray for the repose of Russ's soul, I'd be deeply appreciative.  It's just...a shock right now.

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