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China - Typhoon Mangkhut

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"Monster typhoon Mangkhut barrels toward north Philippines, China putting 4 million people at risk"


Typhoon Mangkhut has retained its ferocious strength and shifted toward more densely populated coastal regions of the north-eastern Philippines, where a massive evacuation has been underway.

Key points:

  • The typhoon will bring heavy to intense rains that could set off landslides and flash floods
  • Warnings have been raised in 25 provinces in the Philippines
  • China's Guangdong has set up 3,777 shelters, evacuating more than 100,000 residents

More than 4 million people are at risk from the storm, which the Hawaii-based Joint Typhoon Warning Centre categorises as a super typhoon with powerful winds and gusts equivalent to a category 5 Atlantic hurricane.

It was initially expected to hit the northern tip of Cagayan province early Saturday, but it's now likely to make landfall farther south and closer to Isabela province, then cut across the northern breadbasket, Philippine state forecaster Chris Perez said.

The change won't make much difference because of the typhoon's massive size, he said.

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I’ll be praying all the time for the poor people in its way!!!  Please evacuate!  May God protect them!

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I did not see the following when I posted the previous link: 

"By using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use."

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