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Pope blasts US bishops on sex abuse crisis, saying church's credibility has been 'undercut'

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Heck yeah it has undercut the Church's credibility, as does all sinful actions within the Church.

That is why in my view, the most important aspect of evangelization is to strive for holiness. If a person is doing good his message will be heard. If he preaches one thing and does another everyone will naturally see him as a hypocrite.

But I think that applies to me and you as well Josh. What are we doing to make ourselves more holy? Let's not front that we are not sinning ourselves. . .

 The big problem I see nowadays is that everybody is pointing a finger at someone else, pointing out other people's flaws and problems. But before we go there, each of us has to look at our selves and fix our own problems. Have we done this?

I think Jesus kind of touched on this idea, with the "speck / plank" in your eye speech.

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Ash Wednesday

The Holy Father is right. But at the same time, while I don't understand the first thing about what goes on in the Vatican -- if we want to talk about deep rooted cultural problems in the Church, some of the clergy that he has shown favorability to or allowed to carry on like business as usual have been part of the problem, and at the moment I'm not seeing a lot of indication that anything will radically change about that.

But, indeed, the start of curing the disease in the Church is to look and improve from within. There's only so much we can do about anyone else.

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