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Bad RTL student, not

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Catholics raise $36,000 scholarship fund for Nick Sandmann


The controversy started after a video uploaded to YouTube appeared to show Sandmann and fellow students ‘smirking’ at Native American activist Nathan Phillips during a confrontation at the Washington March for Life. The footage provoked condemnation in the national media, as well as violent threats against the students and their families.

However, later footage showed that Phillips actually approached the students, contradicting reports the students had surrounded him. They had also been provoked by a group called the Black Israelites, who shouted obscenities about the Catholic Church.

Brian Burch, the president of CatholicVote, said Catholics understood that what happened to Sandmann could have happened to their own sons and daughters.

“The nasty attacks against Nick are a reminder of the darker side of left-wing mobs, fake news, and social media,” he said.

“The lionshare of the responsibility for this fiasco belongs to the media, yet many so-called Catholic leaders also share some blame. The rush to advance a particular narrative, before all the facts were known, is the result of a growing prejudice and hostility toward faithful Christians in America.”


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I love Father Pavone! May God bless him for his prolife work!

I wonder if the new york authorities will kick out the Sisters of Life???


I'm sure most Catholics won't bat an eye if they did.... and these same Catholics  will be voting against trump and support some baby murderer in the next election... 

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