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Laughter, the best medicine............

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Father called this morning to bring me Holy Communion.  As he was leaving I asked him if he would like a cold bottle of water to take with him (he had a few more calls after me).  He is very young and a very serious type of priest.  He accepted the water saying with much seriousness as a sort of blessing "Jesus will remember that His priest was thirsty and you gave him to drink".  I replied:

"Father, if He forgets, you stick up for me"  Father started to really laugh and I thought to myself "It wasn't that funny, Father" - but it was really good to see the face of a very serious Father X light up and have a really good laugh.  


I have been wanting to post the following video for a few days but thought I might upset some members.  I am hoping not! Now what follows to me is absolutely hilarious, but I genuinely and seriously warn all the very serious members who are easily offended by swear words not to watch this 37 second video.................


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