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Happiness...is it possible?

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Being a good Catholic.   Treat others with respect and courtesy .  Help others , live selflessly.   Be honest

47 minutes ago, lost_in_this_world said:

How do I find it?

Basically follow the teaching  and  practices of Jesus Christ

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What I’m aiming for is perhaps less happiness but rather peace. They’re close, virtually feeling identical at times but not at other times. Happiness can wash over me like a wave and then move on...the same with sadness. If I have peace, I can bear with both. For me, who have so much trouble doing what I ought, there is no peace quite like the peace of a clean conscience, coupled with a constant and conscious yearning for the presence of God. The true bodily presence of Christ in the tabernacles of His churches has become a mental home of sorts. Same with Mary. I did a total consecration to her last year, it felt like a missing piece in my life just fit into place. It helps me to find time to stop whatever I’m doing for five minutes or whatever, and just sit there and think about them. It’s a tiny little flame I have to blow on sometimes. Anyways, I have no idea whether that’s helpful, but I hope you find happiness.

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