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Vatican's Secret Rules for Children of Priests

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@islander It is so hard sometimes to look back at atrocities that have been committed by human beings upon each other. And harder even still when the perpetrator of the atrocities is done by people who represent an institution that is supposed to be a source of goodness.

I have no answers as to how people can recover from great evil, it is very individual. The thing I do know is that there can be no sweeping it under the rug or denying it ever happened. Evil must be faced head on, by holding closely to God. I don't know what that means for each person, only for me. 

Right now there is a lot of conflict because some people still can't believe that Cardinal Pell is guilty, despite the guilty verdict, so people are split, and there is a lot of emotion involved. The Church is definitely going through a time of trial as she faces her past. I have no idea what the future holds. I can only work on myself. I wish you well in dealing with your own feelings.

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Gary david

I was just thinking. It  could very well be that all these scandals and horrid things that are being brought into the light may mean a new beginning for the church after everything is all said and done. God can't loose. God bless...gary

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