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Lenten Workshop - what we might need and want to know

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Excerpt Only: "Welcome to the Lenten Workshop! As we enter this season in the spirit of the Church and of her liturgy we seek to wash away the stains of sin and to rid ourselves of all that prevents us from living a truly Christian life. We offer these instructions, prayers and activities to help in our attempt to be united to our suffering Savior. The more perfectly we are united with Him in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and in the Eucharist the more we shall share His new life and glorification at Easter. We hope you will use the following links to discover the meaning of Lent. 


Links etc: HERE

The Mystery of Lent

The Two-Fold Theme of Lent

The Springtime of Lent

The Liturgy of Lent

The Lenten Fasting Regulations

Why Ashes?

Why Fasting and Abstinence?

Why Forty Days?

The Precepts of the Church

Coroporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy

The Stational Church

On the Physical Death of Jesus Christ (JAMA article)"

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