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a little story? What do you think?

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I am looking for feedback and suggestions as to if I should share it and where - I was thinking of running it on the blog I run. Now I am wondering if, with a bit of revision (more of an ending), it would be good somewhere else.  Any thoughts?

Here goes...

It was a beautiful Wednesday evening in mid-October when young first-time mother put her little baby in the car seat, and drove a mile to the seventh grade religious education class she was teaching. 

As she entered the classroom, the students saw the infant, gathered around, and were eager to take turns holding the four-month old baby girl.  They fussed over the child, admiring with delight how little and sweet she was. 

In the past two classes, the topic of abortion had come up in class discussions; some of these thirteen year-olds thought that it was alright for a woman to terminate her pregnancy, to end her unborn child’s life with an abortion, at least in certain cases. 

Now, when class began, the teacher asked for a show of hands of who thought an abortion was okay.  Over half of the hands went up.

The young mother decided to help the students, tangibly, to look at the issue in a new way. 

She went on to explain that this little baby had just been diagnosed, the week before, with a vision impairment; her optic nerves were underdeveloped.  She and her husband did not know how much (if any) the baby would be able to see. 

The class was speechless. 

After more discussion, in closing, the young mother asked for a new show of hands as to how many students thought abortion was okay.  No hands went up this time.

I share this story now, having heard it from my mother over the years for I am that little baby.  My life could have been terminated if those advocating selective abortion had their way. 

With recent legislation, in some areas, that does not respect the dignity of the life of the unborn, I felt inclined to share it.

Now, I work in a care facility, serving Christ in our residents who need a caring home, many of whom are closer to the end of their lives.  I feel privileged to be able to help them, recognizing the dignity and value of each life.

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Great story! I think, besides your blog, organisations campaigning for people with disabilities may be interested in this - sorry, since I don't live in the US I have no idea who that could be. (And the end is just fine!)

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Gary david

I enjoyed your story very much and a wonderful  ending as well. It is so true to think that you wouldnt be here if someone decided that they didnt want you long before you were born. Makes one wonder just how many cannot share your story because they were never born. The only good I could ever find in this is that they were immediatly brought into the arms of Jesus. I do not understand people, they are capable of such horrendous things and capable of such beautiful  things towards each other. We are all sinners, all fallen but also so loved by the Father. We need so much more prayers for each other.

  Again, a wonderful real life true story. Thank you and may God bless you.......

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