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Gary david

Everything changes except God

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Gary david

We live our lives trying to know so many things. How much of our lives are spent wondering. Wondering if this choice and the next will be the right one. We think we know only to find so many times that we were wrong. We ask questions and recieve many different anwers to the same question. We continue on down our lifes path always struggling to grasp the truth and the right way. Everything is constantly  changing, our lives and everything around us. We are subject to the world and certainly our own weaknesses. We look back on the past and the road to where we are has many twists and turns. So again i find myself wondering, wondering about what may be next only to find that i cannot know. We cannot lean on the world for answers because they have the same questions. Some will claim to know but unfortunatly it is just a claim. So what is to be done that makes any sense? For myself I can only go back and lean on the words of Jesus. His words are not really so complicated to me. They only seem to become complicated when man gets done repeating them. As difficult as life can be, we must continue on and try to live His words the best that we can. Anything is confusing to me. I only have the faith that I have because of His grace and without Him life has no happiness, no future and no reason to.help us get through life. 

  We dont know where we are in Gods timing, we dont need to know. We just need to be ready.

  God bless you....

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