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scrupulous - should I stay with my confessor?

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I would really appreciate it if you could offer me some advice. So I am a very scrupulous person who has done a lot of "Confessor-hopping" in the past and only recently tried to stick to just one...I know that without a confessor guiding me I would end up in a bad state. But having read that given there is "manifest" reason one should change the confessor...well mine is otherwise very kind, seems to understand scrupulosity and wants to help me etc and he celebrates the traditional Mass which to me increases his credibility...BUT one thing he said bothers me, namely that he understands why a priest would tell sb having homosexual relations with several people to try to have just one (samesex) partner (the explanation being that that hypothetical person "would not agree to stop all homosexual relations alltogether so it is better for him to just have one partner at first"). If he is otherwise a solid priest, am I obliged to change my confessor...? Can I trust his advice to me? The thing is I know I NEED to just blindly obey someone, otherwise the scrupulosity will eat me alive. And I also know the devil wants to make me doubt everything he advises me so that I drown in my worries..so what should I do? Thanks for reading this!

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