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What do you think about Eckhart?

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Let's start a series where we discuss and apply our theological understanding and share discussions about obscure Catholic theologians and philosophers called "What do you think of?"

Let me give you some background: Eckhart von Hochheim is German philosopher and theologian born in Gotha, Thuringia who escaped a verdict from a Franciscan lead Inquisition the only way you could during the time: by suddenly dying. The reason why he was tried for heresy was for his unusual way of preaching in the vernacular, straying away from the orthodoxy and the fact that he was a Dominican in a Franciscan dominated era during the Avignon Papacy.

What made him so controversial then and why interest in him today is slowly arising was the style in how he differentiated God from the Godhead and emphasized the polarity between Unmanifest and Manifest Absolute.

As so not to get theological for the sake of time; he proposed that everything was made possible by the muchness of God's love. God was so much, He made us out of His muchness. Like those chocolate fountains that spew out and overflow, but eventually, the chocolate will come back somehow; just as we come back to the eternal father.

Let me know what you think: anything important missed, your opinions, objections. Its a discussion, let's be civil and erudite.

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