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Husband Threatens Divorce If Wife Won't Abort

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An anonymous comment was left by a woman on the following article. 



My husband and I already have children… But we lost twins earlier this year. It was awful but we had been debating abortion before we lost them due to marital problems and financial and health issues in our family. It was much harder on me and our marriage was failing. We even printed out divorce papers. I ran into an ex during that time and you can guess where I’m going with this.

Now I am 6 weeks pregnant… And unsure of the father. They both know the truth and both want abortion.

My husband said he will forgive my infidelity and work on our marriage but only if I abort. I don’t want to abort but I truly want to work on my marriage if nothing else for the sake of my living children.

I don’t know how I have gotten so far lost over the years to be in this place in life now. I hate myself already and counseling isn’t helping.

I’m scared I will abort to save my marriage and because we have every reason possible to abort but only one to keep it (my heart). I’m scared my marriage will fail after due to the infidelity alone and I will hate myself even more.

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