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Roman Catholic sacramentology and soteriology

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What do the terms mean and what is the Catholic position of each? Thanks.(This is Goldenchild on my bro's account...) Edited by ATF90

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sacramentology, also called "sacerdotalism" (sp?) is the belief that God gives us his grace through the material world, appropriated by the Church in a very specific way. (that's my definition). soterology is the study of salvation doctrine, what it takes to get to heaven.

give me a sec and i'll find you more precise definitions. those will do for now

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i guess these will be your best bet:

--[url="http://www.catholic-convert.com/DesktopModules/UserDocuments/UserDocuments_ViewDocument.aspx?DocumentID=202"]The Sacraments Chart[/url]
--[url="http://ic.net/~erasmus/RAZ87.HTM"]Sacramentalism and Inner Disposition[/url]
--[url="http://www.ewtn.com/library/DOCTRINE/INTENTIO.TXT"]On the Intention Required in the Minister of Sacraments[/url]
--[url="http://www.kofc.org/rc/en/publications/cis/publications/hart/Hart_CIS112.pdf"]An Introduction to the Sacraments[/url]
--[url="http://www.turrisfortis.com/sacra2.html"]The Sacraments: An Introduction[/url]
--[url="http://catholiceducation.org/articles/apologetics/ap0030.html"]The Sacraments[/url]
--[url="http://www.ewtn.com/library/scriptur/sacrmnt.TXT"]The Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church[/url]
--[url="http://www.cin.org/kc50-2.html"]This is the Catholic Church: The Seven Sacraments[/url]
--[url="http://www.catholic.net/Catholic Church/Periodicals/Faith/0506-96/article1.html"]Sacraments: Channels of Divine Grace[/url]

btw, "sacramentology" isn't actually a word. probably a word someone made up in reference to the sacramental system. after quickly browsing the internet, i found that most people have the impression that "sacerdotalism" strictly means that a priest is a mediator between God and man. on the surface, this would seem to suggest that the Church replaces Jesus in his role as the "sole mediator" between God and man. but, the sacraments do not do this. instead the sacramental system should be viewed as the way in which God works with man to save us. this is a gift, and it is up to us to receive it.

from scripturecatholic.com:[list]
[*]1 Tim 2:1-2 - because Jesus Christ is the one mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5), many Protestants deny the Catholic belief that the saints on earth and in heaven can mediate on our behalf. But before Paul's teaching about Jesus as the "one mediator," Paul urges supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people. Paul is thus appealing for mediation from others besides Christ, the one mediator. Why?

1 Tim 2:3 - because this subordinate mediation is good and acceptable to God our Savior. Because God is our Father and we are His children, God invites us to participate in Christ's role as mediator.

1 Tim. 2:5 - therefore, although Jesus Christ is the sole mediator between God and man, there are many intercessors (subordinate mediators).

1 Cor. 3:9 - God invites us to participate in Christ's work because we are God's "fellow workers" and one family in the body of Christ. God wants His children to participate. The phrase used to describe "fellow workers" is "sunergoi," which literally means synergists, or cooperators with God in salvific matters. Does God need fellow workers? Of course not, but this shows how much He, as Father, loves His children. God wants us to work with Him.

Mark 16:20 - this is another example of how the Lord "worked with them" ("sunergountos"). God cooperates with us. Out ofHis eternal love, He invites our participation.

Rom. 8:28 - God "works for good with" (the Greek is "sunergei eis agathon") those who love Him. We work as subordinate mediators.

2 Cor. 6:1 - "working together" (the Greek is "sunergountes") with him, don't accept His grace in vain. God allows us to participate in His work, not because He needs our help, but because He loves us and wants to exalt us in His Son. It is like the father who lets his child join him in carrying the groceries in the house. The father does not need help, but he invites the child to assist to raise up the child in dignity and love.

1 Peter 2:5 - we are a holy priesthood, instructed to offer spiritual sacrifices to God. We are therefore subordinate priests to the Head Priest, but we are still priests who participate in Christ's work of redemption.

Rev. 1:6, 5:10 - Jesus made us a kingdom of priests for God. Priests intercede through Christ on behalf of God's people.
i hope this helps

pax christi,

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