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Is It True That A Priest...

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This is a matter of theological speculation and the Church doesn't teach one way or the other. It is, to my knowledge, Tradition (with a capital T) that those assigned to certain offices have special guardian angels for those offices, but it seems to be unclear what those offices are (making the specifics subject to little-t tradition). Whether it is restricted to the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, deacons, civil leaders, or any combination of the following is unknown. The Tradition seems pretty firmly rooted in Tobit, when a special archangel, Raphael, is sent to assist in a specific task of great importance, the journey of Tobiah, the son of one of God's holy and pious followers. Raphael was an angel in addition to Tobiah's own guardian angel. Again, we don't know which offices or tasks receive special additional angels. We can only pray that God assigns His best to those in the world who need them.

I'm not sure if he addresses this specifically, but St. Dionysius (aka Pseudo-Dionysius) wrote a lengthy treatise on angels in the Early Church. You might be interested in reading it.

God bless,


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