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Religious Names And Orders

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[quote name='zunshynn' post='1940428' date='Aug 4 2009, 08:28 PM']What is the difference between a novice and a postulant then?

And when you say older sisters wear the scapular do you mean those older in age, or the perpetually professed?[/quote]

The postulant can go home every 2 month or 3 month. ;)
The postulants wear their own clothes but these should be black skirts and white or black blouses (white in summer, mainly), black shoes and black cardigan or pullover or jacket if it needed (winter, etc.). They have a medal in their neck on a necklace. On the medal there are the 7 Holy Fathers and on the other side is Mary, Mother of Sorrows. (7 sword in Her heart)

The novices wear the novice habit, which consists of:
- blue skirt
- blue waistcoat
- skyblue blouse
- skin-coloured stockings
- black shoes

The professed sisters wear the habit:
- black, long veil
- black blouse and skirt (not tunic, but sg like this)
- black stockings
- black shoes
- white little collar
- a little cross (on their necklace)

Summer version for professed:
- white, not too long veil
- white blouse and skirt
- white shoes or sandals (needn't white, but shouldn't be black)
- white little collar
- skin-coloured stockings
- a little cross

As they are from 2 Congregation that melted in each other, the other congr. had a scapular and a different veil.
"my" congr. wears the scapular in the Motherhouse (I'm not sure about it, I haven't been in Firenze - yet. :) ) and in India (also in the summer version!! the white scapular is wonderful :love: ).
But the sisters in Hungary also want to have the scapular-version so one of the sisters asked for it. (I don't know whether she got it or not). She made her solemn (or perpetual? how do we say it?) wow in scapular.

Sorry for the "thread", maybe I was too long... :rolleyes:

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I'm discerning with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist! :love: I think I've already figured out the three names I may pick as my top three for next year :P

1.) Sr. Amanda Maryam (Maryam is the way Mary is spelled and pronouced in Aramaic)
2.) Sr. Maryam Magdalena (I absolutely love St. Mary Magdalene and she's one of the Patrons of the Order!)
3.) Sr. Hannah Maryam (Hannah for St. Anne. Hannah is also similar to the way Anne is pronounced in Aramaic)

My top two are my favorites. I also like the third one I picked but I'm not as crazy about it as the first two.

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Piccoli Fiori JMJ
Okay, I think I'm going to give this a go...

Well, I think I was drawn to the Poor Clares because I have a great love of poverty. I think that is the one thing that really drew me to them. The Franciscan charism is so beautiful and simple. I also know that I need to be able to constantly be praying for my family and the world. We need His mercy so much! And along with that prayer, offering sacrifices, big and small, which are so hard for me to do sometimes! But with Him, the burden is light.

As for names, I am a bit of a fan of the obscure, and in the past I've played with some different names, but I feel that Sr. Maria Anthony(or Antonia) of the Infant/Child Jesus really hits the mark. If I am allowed, I would like to use the Bohemian spelling of Maria (Marija) to honor my family. I have also been thinking about St. Helen as well, as it was my grandmother's name and she was a woman of sacrifice and virtue.

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