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Piccoli Fiori JMJ
I now have some questions to ask. Most of them have been answered in the past, but there are a few that I think I need to ask about, or at least see if I can find out more information. The Sisters have been very upfront and clear with me. I'm just not very good of thinking on my toes in conversations. I need to think of them before the conversation or I'll never think of them. Thanks for the extensive list. It will prove very helpful for many I'm sure. May God reward you!

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TradMom makes excellent points that are not in conflict with zealous, orthodox, religious life.

The recent events in the Legion of Christ have highlighted the God-given responsibility to incorporate intelligent critical thinking skills into a life of obedience -this has nothing to do with doctrine or dogma- but with constructive criticism related to interpersonal skills, procedure, communication, etc.

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