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Manchild and DJ Sean P drop “Move Merchants II” for free

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Fr. Pontifex – Ocean

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“I Wonder” Official Video by FoundNation from their newest album “The Opening Act”. Download it now for FREE at

Nearly seven years after making their first album together, the hip-hop duo of Manchild and DJ Sean P, also known as Move Merchants, have done it again. This time it’s free. Since the last album, Manchild (Mars Ill, Deepspace5) has spent less time on the mic to advance in his professional career. In his own …

The song “Ocean” is lead the single off of the new album “The Invincibles” by Fr. Pontifex. The song is about being called by God to the great adventure. “Safer in your waters than these shores is what you promise”, one of the lines from the song encapsulates the meaning of this piece. God may …

Dy-Verse, John Levi and Alex Faith Support the music. Purchase at

More people need to know who Val Mural and the FoundNation family is. Check out this video. From the description: Val Mural is set to release his solo project “Bipolar” October 29, 2014. With the upcoming release of his new project, he has given fans and supporters alike a visual treat, shot and edited by …

A long time ago, Sammy Blaze used to rap. Not only did he rap, but he rapped with long hair and bad posture. Let us revisit this spectacular moment in time when Catholic rappers defended the church and made rap videos about stealing cars. Get Sammy’s Music here.