What is phatmass?

With orthodoxy, charity and humility, phatmass will infiltrate the entire planet earth with Catholic propaganda.

The “phat” in phatmass stands for “Preaching Holy Apostolic Truth”. Founded in the year 2000, we are an online community, infiltrator of social media, bold statement maker, and authentic hip-hop production entity.

Our mission is to live and defend the faith given to us by Jesus Christ by remaining totally and completely obedient to the teaching authority of His Church. We encourage dialogue between people of all faiths and recognize that we are all striving for holiness.

We feel that it is of primary importance to promote and adore His Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, develop a habit of prayer, and work for a renewal of reverence in the Sacred Mass, which will help us all in our journey to grow closer to Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

We recognize that we are in a constant battle of good vs evil, and ask for the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and all the Saints in Heaven for a removal of pride and an increase in humility, with our ultimate goal being sainthood.

Invade the interwebz and every social media outlet known to man with an authentically devout, orthodox, and down-to-earth Catholic message.

Produce authentic hip-hop with a strong Catholic message as a method of creative communication.
*Phatmass is strongly opposed to using any form of hip-hop in the liturgy.

Perform live shows around the world with the cooperation of our network of artists.

Design, manufacture and sell merchandise with strong Catholic messages, promoting a “culture” of orthodoxy.

What is Phaq’s?

Phrequently asked questions. For the non-phatmasser type human, frequently asked questions.

Will this page answer questions about Catholicism?

No, this page will not. This page will answer questions about phatmass. We have a section dedicated to answering questions about Catholicism here > Catholicism: Questions & Answers. I know what you’re thinking… Does the same person who answers these questions answer those questions? Do not fret, the answer is no. The people who answer the Catholic questions are smart.

What does the “phat” in phatmass stand for?

Preaching Holy Apostolic Truth.

But I thought it stood for “pretty hot and tempting”!

Please phrase that in a form of a question.

But I thought it stood for “pretty hot and tempting”?

That is one of the many acronyms for the word phat. Actually, phatmass was founded with the intention of it standing for “Pleomorphic Hyalinizing Angiectatic Tumor”, but found that too morbid, so changed it to mean “Plenty o’ Hips and Thighs”. Luckily, one of our founding phorum fathers, jasJis, recommended we change it to “preaching holy apostolic truth”, so we did.