Catholic Hip Hop Discography

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The unofficial comprehensive universal Catholic rap album list…

Akalyte-“Ultramontane” (2006)
Akalyte-“Global Warming”
Akalyte-“The Truth”
Bosco Boys-“Bosco Boys”
Benedict SN- “Got Jesus”
Case Study- “Sean Pen’d”
Case Study- “Sean Pen’d again”
C2six- “Soldier’s & Saints”
C2six, John Levi, & Val Mural- “Lil Bit of Bass, Whole Lotta Grace”
Connor Flanagan- “Mountains”
Connor Flanagan – “Close to You”
Cristian Yuqui – “For You”
Crucifix Payne – “Return of the Prodigal Son” (2010)
Crucifix Payne – “Elevation” (2012)
Crucifix Payne – “Comprehension Of Ascension” (2014)
Dy-Verse – “Truth, Faith, Hope, Love, Hip Hop”
Dy-Verse – “Truth, Faith, Hope, Love, Hip Hop (The Mixtape)”
Dy-Verse – “From the Mind”
David Dorian -“Joy EP”
E2DaL – “For Greater Glory”
E2DaL – “Reflective Revelation”
Elijah & Elisha- “Spirit vs Flesh”
Father Stan Fortuna- Sacro Song 1 (1998)
Father Stan Fortuna- Sacro Song 2 (2002)
Father Stan Fortuna- Sacro Song 3 (2006)
Foundnation- “Universal”
Foundnation- “Ave Maria”
IHS Project- “What are Dreams”
IHS Project- “Limitless”
IHS Project- “Limitless 2”
Joe Melendrez- “Rosary Rap”
Joe Melendrez- “Fully Alive”
Joe Melendrez- “Kingdom Come”
Joe Pots- “Shout it Out”
Joe Pots- “Takin it Back”
Joe Pots- “Crossing the Rubicon”
John Levi- “Sheep Food”
John Levi- “Sheep Food 2”
John Levi- “SF3”
John Levi- “Blynd Syght”
Josh Angrisano – “Turbulence”
Josh Angrisano – “Peace by Piece”
Josh Angrisano – “Day Dreamzzz”
Kode Redd – “The Rebirth”
Kode Redd – “No More Excuses”
Lil Mike – “Music of Life 2”
Los Cristeros- “Los Cristeros”
Move Merchants- “Move Merchants”
Move Merchants- “Move Merchants 2”
M.A.S. – “The Road to M.A.S”
Max Haben- “Change Me Now”
Max Haben- “Senioritis”
M.O.C.- “Messengers of Christ”
Phatmass – “Massmatics Vol 1” (2003)
Phatmass – “Massmatics Vol 2” (2009)
Pontifex- “Ordained”
Pontifex- “Symphony & The Static”
Pontifex- “Invincibles”
Paradox- “Rest Assured”
Paradox- “Mending”
Paradox- “Called to Mind”
Point 5 Covenant – “Les Clever EP”
Point 5 Covenant – “Listen. Learn”
Rabelz- “Diary”
Rabelz- “Mercy”
Rabelz- “The Drastic Change”
Righteous B- “Get the Kids to Revolt”
Righteous B- “Are u ready for”
Righteous B- “Sweatshop Sessions”
Righteous B- “How A Wound Bleeds”
Seedz of Faith- “Armed”
Seedz of Faith- “Endless Glory”
Separate M1nd-“Refreshed Thoughts”
Sonshine State- “Sonshine State”
Salu- “Totus Tuus”
Sammy Blaze- “The Pheonix”
Sammy Blaze- “Meaning of Life”
The Symbol- “Dedication”
The Symbol- “Golden”
The Symbol- “Goldmine Mixtape”
The Uncut Diamondz- “Outside Insights”
The Uncut Diamondz- “Rhymin in the Rough”
Two Ten- “Universal Soldier”
Val Mural- “Bi-Polar”
Val Mural- “The Listening”
Val Mural- “Deliverance”
Val Mural- “My Own Lane”
Vic-G- “Listen Up”
Yung PK- “The Positive Returns”
Zealous- “Refocused-Remix”
Zealous- “God Has a Plan”
Zealous- “Battle for Souls”