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  1. Open Mic

    General discussion for the delight of young and old, anytime of the day. A quality method to discourage sloth and to encourage nobility of character.

  2. The Vocation Station

    Uniquely curative and restorative. No other forum gives future priests and nuns the benefit of health, discernment and focus.

  3. Debate Table

    It is the courageous who debate behind an electronic screen. For those that believe face to face dialogue is for the foolhardy and indeed short lived, the Debate Table is a wonder to behold.


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    • https://video.foxnews.com/v/6064335246001/

      "Despite Catholic teachings being some of the most outspoken when it comes to defending the unborn and standing against abortion, statistics show that when speaking about Catholic politicians on Capitol Hill, there is a wide disconnect between their faith and their politics. Matthew Schmitz, the editor of First Things magazine, is here to discuss his recent article that claims the unborn would have less to fear, 'if every Catholic were removed from Congress tomorrow.'"

      They reference an article in the above video. I've found it for your convenience:

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