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      Uniquely curative and restorative. No other forum gives future priests and nuns the benefit of health, discernment and focus.

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      It is the courageous who debate behind an electronic screen. For those that believe face to face dialogue is for the foolhardy and indeed short lived, the Debate Table is a wonder to behold.

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      1. If you run out of toilet paper, use an old sock.
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    • Hello everyone, I am a young man (20, in my last year of university) who is relatively set on the priesthood - at least I am certain I want to go to seminary to try, and if turns out I am not called, that's fine, but right now I very much want to be a priest. I don't come from a Catholic family, my parents are Anglicans but not very actively practicing. They didn't make a fuss when I converted, but when they found out, my father made a point of getting my assurance I wasn't going to become a priest, which at the time I was able to laugh off because I had plans for marriage back then, but now... well, obviously things have changed. I am intending to enter a house of discernment before the end of the year with the purpose of entering seminary in September 2021 and my family are starting to wonder what I'm going to be doing after I graduate, so I'm really going to have to tell them soon. I really don't know how to go about telling my parents what path I've decided to follow, and while I don't think they will take it well, I'm not sure quite how badly they'll take it. I'm wondering if anyone else here has been in a position similar to my own. I'd be very grateful for any insights anyone has into how to go about this, and please feel free to share stories, that could be very helpful! God bless.
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