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  2. I also appreciate the ecumenical gesture. I like the station of the cross depicted, too. The place is, uh, very bright. I find the "baldacchino" kind of weird. Is that even supposed to be one? A baldacchino hiding in plain sight? Split into a gigantic door frame and a hanging rectangle? Pretending it's something else? Not going to say anything about the tabernacle. It speaks for itself... Look, if you're going to drop 76 million dollars on a cathedral, there should be no excuse - none - for not making the entire thing as beautiful as you can. There are craftsmen enough to build something worthy for the ages at that price point. Unfortunately, that continues to seem too hard. The trend is to make it "accessible", while rejecting the fact that the beautiful is inherently accessible.
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  4. chrysostom

    Stranger Things

    I don't mind moral strength in the women, but I was also turned off for a while by the stupidity of the main male characters, with the exception of Jonathan Byers. I'm annoyed that I see this so often. I suspect many screenwriters do not fully understand what masculine virtue looks like, or feminine virtue for that matter. I was mollified by episode 8, though.
  5. Antigonos

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Kayte.
  6. chrysostom

    Embryo Adoption

    I don't know for sure. It sounds like the object is the thing in question. If it is intrinsically evil, it's a no. Then is it? I guess this is what you're trying to figure out. There is a long thread on this from 2006 in a blog post by Jimmy Akin in which Catholics took either side of the issue. https://jimmyakin.typepad.com/defensor_fidei/2006/07/frozen_embryo_a.html One blogger, made a response to it, supporting embryo adoption: http://darwincatholic.blogspot.com/2006/07/akin-on-embryo-adoption.html During the long discussion, Donum Vitae was brought up often. http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_19870222_respect-for-human-life_en.html If you have not read I think it's worth a read. I came into the discussion predisposed towards supporting it. On the Akin thread, my mind went back and forth, for and against. After having read a little bit, I think the strongest evidence is against it. Some argued that there had been nothing definitive said on embryo adoption, but I think one could show that something has been said. Also I don't think the pro-embryo adoption commenters there produced an convincing response to the Donum Vitae text. I think it's pretty clear. If transfer of the embryo into a woman's womb - even with nothing but charitable intent - were licit, Donum Vitae would have mentioned it. Another observation: Donum Vitae frequently mentions, and condemns, IVF and ET (embryo transfer) in the same breath. Most of the arguments in DV are against the fertilisation portion, but I think it would be difficult to show that when it condemned "IVF and ET" it only meant IVF and not ET. In fact I suspect it mentions ET so often precisely to address the potential loophole. The section on surrogate motherhood is also relevant, I think. Obviously the agreement to surrender the baby is not a factor in embryo adoption, but otherwise it seems to be a very similar kind of act, and so I think there are elements of the argument against surrogacy in this passage which could also apply to embryo adoption - "contrary to the unity of marriage and to the dignity of the procreation of the human person" in particular. It implies that procreation is not just fertilisation - and that seems to have moral consequences. And regarding the unity of marriage, the poster Inocencio (on Akin's thread) repeatedly asked (without answer) whether the wife's fertility could be used to become pregnant outside the conjugal union of her and her husband? I think an example that brings surrogate motherhood very close to embryo adoption is when the surrogate mother is in an agreement that leaves her entirely free to keep the baby she bears should she choose. This is less bad than agreements that coerce her to give up the child, I think, but it still falls under the prohibition. And I do think, upon a little reflection, that there is very little difference between that and embryo adoption. In the end, I think there is at least a possibility that embryo adoption constitutes grave matter, after having read Donum Vitae. In any case, exercise caution. Food for thought. I am sympathetic to the motives for it, though, and I am open to being convinced otherwise. I pray you find the right course of action. A couple extra points. Can we even keep these embryos, these abandoned, utterly lost children, in cryopreservation at all? It's heartbreaking, isn't it, what horrible dilemmas IVF has brought us to. Such incredible evil running rampant, truly mad science, with irreversible consequences. A final point, also discussed on the thread, is on artificial wombs. Might they be used, in some future point, to save these poor children? It seems like this is impermissible too. However, I think there is a truly interesting clarification that may need to be made at some point in the future. I quote a commenter from the Akin thread: "But if artificial wombs are immoral, yet Isolettes and other incubator technology for saving premies is moral, might there come a point where we literally cannot tell the difference between one and the other on a purely technological basis?" Okay, I'm officially stumped...
  7. Pax17

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    Congratulations on taking that next step in your discernment....glad things continue to go well.
  8. little2add

    Drop a word, keep a word

    Tin can
  9. Kayte Postle

    Kayte Discerns (An Ongoing Journey)

    Hiya Pham. Finally took the plunge and ordered tickets to fly to discern with the sisters! Honestly I'm so nervous, and a little frightened. It feels like this is the last chance I will ever have at religious life (even though I'm quite sure that's not true). I've also been growing in appreciation of married life, and might be confusing that with a call (also cute Catholic boys don't make things any easier). I am excited to go in retreat in early September and hopefully the Lord will speak loud and clear. Please pray for me as I prep for this retreat, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Work has had some bumps in the road, but I have talked with my leadership team and my doctors (as the bumps were mental health related). We've gotten things all figured out, and it's smooth sailing now. I started working from home today, and it has done a lot to ease my anxiety. I'm going to continue to pray for you all, and please pray for me!
  10. Josh

    Trump Is KKK

  11. little2add

    Trump Is KKK

    Trump opposes genocide, free and unfettered abortion is extremely racist. Many people do not approve of abortion and have worked to change the law. This does not make pro-lifers racist, nor does it make president trump and the Republican Party , racists for supporting the pro-life movement . The Democrats on the other hand promote and encourage the genocide of the poor and underprivileged United States citizens. Trump pointing out the hypocrisy of the ultra left wing Democratic Party is fair game.
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  13. Imagine all the cops like this who never get caught. “That is not mine,” she said. “No, sir. No, sir. What is it?” As another deputy who arrived for backup teased her that she was about to go to jail, she responded tersely: “It d a m n sure ain’t mine.” https://beta.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/07/11/florida-cop-meth-drugs-arrests-scandal/?outputType=amp
  14. I'm curious. If other communities--well established and so on--are already doing these ministries, why is a new community necessary?
  15. linate

    Trump Is KKK

    “Yesterday the president pinched out a steaming pile of tweets against freshman Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Oman of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachuttes and Rashida Tlaib on Michigan — known in DC as ‘The Squad,'” Of course Trump does not like ‘The Squad’ — he’s the leader of the rival gang, ‘The Klan,'” -Stephen Colbert
  16. Not A Mallard

    Music thread

  17. New postulant at Santa Rita Abbey: https://www.santaritaabbey.org/2019/04/03/santa-rita-abbey-march-31-2019/
  18. Josh

    Trump Is KKK

  19. Seven77

    Music thread

    All kinds of amesome here:
  20. wokespacejesuit

    Trump Is KKK

  21. HollyDolly

    Handmaids of Mary Immaculate

    I looked them up too.They are in the book Convent Life By Joan Lexau published 1964 by Dial press. You can also go to archive.org and search for A Guide to Catholic Sisterhoods in the United States, by Rev.Thomas P McCarthy.You can read the book for free on line.You can flip the pages and see all the communities, some of which like the Handmaids of Mary Immmaculate,, Society of christ Our king, Grey Sisters of St.Elizabeth and a few others are no longer here.The Grey Sisters of St.Elizabeth were founded in I believe Lativa, by some german women to help the poor and sick.The order is still around, but not in America. And yes, the HMI were supressed.Think it was all over issues with the Blue Army Shrine.
  22. dUSt

    Trump Is KKK

    Which one of the Democratic nominees would you choose to replace him?
  23. HollyDolly

    New Community forming, Marian Franciscans

    Might have to try Google or Bing. Funny they are getting formation from the Sisters of charity, Of Our Lady,Mother of the church. I wrote to the sisters years ago. However due to my mom and later dad having health issues, I was unable to enter any community.Funny thing is, many years later, out of the blue i heard from them.They sent me a prayer book, and a Miraculous Medal key chain. I've sent the sisters some money to help them in their work.But it's really weird I should hear from them after all this time.Weird they still have my home address too. If I were to start a community, which i have thought of on occasion,though circumstances right now doesn't allow it., I'd have some sort of plan.Like visiting families in their homes, providing child care, teaching catechism, and working with authorities to provide care for abused children,especially emergency care. Activites, like the daughters of Charity and Little Sisters of the Assumption do. At least that's my thought.Especially the child care, since you read about so many horrible abuse cases.
  24. HollyDolly

    convent cake thread

    I love the photos. I know sometimes religious communities both men and women will often do baking to help support the community.Through eBay, I came across an engraving from a book about religious orders ,printed in the 17th or 18th century. The engraving was of a nun who belonged to the Daughters of Christian Union, think in Troyes ,France. The sisters were founded to convert families back to the church, especially protestant widows and their daughters. The community disappeared at the the time of the French revolution. I guess they joined other communities. Anyhow, one of the way they supported themselves was with making macaroons,etc.
  25. Lilllabettt

    Daughters of mary,mediatrix of Mercy

    This is the website: https://www.marymediatrixofmercy.org
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