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  2. HollyDolly

    Handmaids of Mary Immaculate

    I looked them up too.They are in the book Convent Life By Joan Lexau published 1964 by Dial press. You can also go to archive.org and search for A Guide to Catholic Sisterhoods in the United States, by Rev.Thomas P McCarthy.You can read the book for free on line.You can flip the pages and see all the communities, some of which like the Handmaids of Mary Immmaculate,, Society of christ Our king, Grey Sisters of St.Elizabeth and a few others are no longer here.The Grey Sisters of St.Elizabeth were founded in I believe Lativa, by some german women to help the poor and sick.The order is still around, but not in America. And yes, the HMI were supressed.Think it was all over issues with the Blue Army Shrine.
  3. dUSt

    Trump Is KKK

    Which one of the Democratic nominees would you choose to replace him?
  4. HollyDolly

    New Community forming, Marian Franciscans

    Might have to try Google or Bing. Funny they are getting formation from the Sisters of charity, Of Our Lady,Mother of the church. I wrote to the sisters years ago. However due to my mom and later dad having health issues, I was unable to enter any community.Funny thing is, many years later, out of the blue i heard from them.They sent me a prayer book, and a Miraculous Medal key chain. I've sent the sisters some money to help them in their work.But it's really weird I should hear from them after all this time.Weird they still have my home address too. If I were to start a community, which i have thought of on occasion,though circumstances right now doesn't allow it., I'd have some sort of plan.Like visiting families in their homes, providing child care, teaching catechism, and working with authorities to provide care for abused children,especially emergency care. Activites, like the daughters of Charity and Little Sisters of the Assumption do. At least that's my thought.Especially the child care, since you read about so many horrible abuse cases.
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  6. HollyDolly

    convent cake thread

    I love the photos. I know sometimes religious communities both men and women will often do baking to help support the community.Through eBay, I came across an engraving from a book about religious orders ,printed in the 17th or 18th century. The engraving was of a nun who belonged to the Daughters of Christian Union, think in Troyes ,France. The sisters were founded to convert families back to the church, especially protestant widows and their daughters. The community disappeared at the the time of the French revolution. I guess they joined other communities. Anyhow, one of the way they supported themselves was with making macaroons,etc.
  7. Lilllabettt

    Daughters of mary,mediatrix of Mercy

    This is the website: https://www.marymediatrixofmercy.org
  8. When looking for another religious order, i can across the following sisters. The Daughters of Mary,mediatrix of Mercy. The foundress is Dr.Denise D'Attore, Head mistress of Regina Luminis Academy in Berwyn, PA. The plan is for the sisters to be school teachers, and women 21 to55 are encouraged to apply. The community is still forming, and has the blessing of Archbishop Charles Chaput, head of the Philadelphia archdiocese.According to the website, the sisters will wear a traditional habit. Forgot the website name, but Google their name and you can see the website. Also if you are discerning you might want to check out Face Book too. There are some african sisters,The Daughters of Jesus Our Shepherd who have a Facebook page.And there maybe more orders of woman and men too.
  9. yuck....but.....okay...
  10. I dont remember you calling me a racist so. Nbd.
  11. dominicansoul

    Trump Is KKK

    This week's over-exaggerated circus of Trump's "racism" is brought to you by the main stream leftists media who don't want you to think about Bill Clinton's 27 trips to Epstein's Pedo-Island...
  12. dominicansoul

    Stranger Things

    I guess I wanted to see more of the ELEVEN we grew to love in Season 1... ELEVEN in Season 3 is too normal... you would think after being pretty much a lab rat all her life, with incredible powers she probably doesn't even understand, she would have a harder time adjusting...
  13. But, but, but it's about states' rights! And freedom! On a serious note as to the second part of that sentence, that's the only reason I would ever be in favor of leaving them up. I've been spending a lot of time recently on right-wing youtube, discovering some school of thought that falls under something called "neoreaction." There's some overlap with catholic traditionalism, transhumanism, and some other stuff as it's kind of a loose collection of ideas. Anyhow, many of them seem borderline obsessed with something called "race realism," frequently citing the lower rates of IQ of blacks vs whites as their ironclad evidence that race is a real biological thing, without heeding any of the caveats of IQ testing and their general skepticism of the social sciences in particular and the academy in general. They are always demanding evidence for systematic racism. Nothing is quite good enough, some stats get thrown around etc etc, but I think when statues stand, when people are allowed to say what they really think, it makes identifying the racists easier. But there is the tendency of the left to call nearly everyone to doesn't kowtow to the liberal establishments as racist. In fact back in the day on PM I used to throw the term around pretty loosely and people got hella mad at me. Maybe even threw a few accusations at you? If so my bad. But in my wiser years I can see that calling every word of perceived prejudice or implicit association RACISM was probs not the best.
  14. Lilllabettt

    Trump Is KKK

    Interesting. You should do a tedtalk. On the consequences of escalation.
  15. Lilllabettt

    Embryo Adoption

    Bumpity bump. I need my Pham to give me food for thought.
  16. Ice_nine

    Trump Is KKK

    Josh, this is a crazy world. Is Trump racist? I don't know. He certainly appears to be a narcissist, and the opinions of a narcissist (being self-centered and shallow) are not something I care to obsess about. He does whatever is best for him and what best feeds his delusion of grandeur. I don't care what he thinks about race. It's probably shallow and self-centered. It's kind of boring. I know he's the leader of the free-world, but, the more people attack Trump the more riled up his base becomes, the more rabid and insane the left becomes, and the folks on both sides just dig their heels in deeper. This has been the ultimate corollary to the breach of "don't feed the trolls"
  17. Papist

    Laughter is good medicine.....

  18. Papist

    Stranger Things

    Watching it. On episode 5 of season 3. I am enjoying it, but it is not great. Don't like the typical girls are amesome smart and tough, and boys are bumbling doofuses.
  19. Papist

    Music thread

  20. Papist

    Quotations that Motivate & Inspire

    "The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is a silent acquiescence to evil. The Tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction". -- Fulton Sheen
  21. Papist

    Would Donald Trump make a great Catholic!?

    Define "great catholic".
  22. Papist

    Trump Is KKK

    New York Times. LOL!!!!
  23. Officially blocked by Patrick Madrid on social media. I'm good with that. KKK sympathizers who defend confederate monuments I want nothing to do with. Especially when they're on a radio station that broadcasts acround the world and claims to be the voice of Catholicism. Hopefully Raymond blocks me next. There's a reason God had me fall in love with hip-hop in the second grade when I got Warren G's album G Funk Era. So from a young age I would love black people and not grow up a racist. So I would be able to make sense of why there was a KKK rally in my hometown when I was 8 years old. So I could recognize how wrong self appointed apologist's were when they were on global Catholic radio defending confederate monuments all in the name of Jesus Christ and Catholic Evangelism.
  24. Josh

    Trump Is KKK

    Klan Leader in Chief
  25. Come to think of it he would fit in perfect with some of the trads I've met on Facebook. The one's who post racist s h I t. Actually call black people the n word in their post's and say white people shouldn't marry or have kids with black people. All while having some religious photos as their profile and cover pictures.
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