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    Missionary Sisters of St. Francis of Assis

    Yes, it is quite easy to begin looking for a fault in oneself, especially if one (quite naturally) looks "up" to the community in advance, simply because they are religious. I find it helpful to reverse the situation: I am a sister who manages vocation enquirers, someone sent me that (mine) letter. Usually it is enough. Also, even if a letter is "rude" (although cannot imagine that one who thinks about a possibility to enter who write a rude letter) why not to answer "here is the info however you should correct your rudeness, here and here". Such silences can be very discouraging and dampen the spirit. Yet it is them, not you.
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    Fund the police

    Why does it have to be police? You mention potholes and cats in trees. Those are not jobs for police. Instead, money should be put into a civic (non emergency) line. Many places have them.

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