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Principle Of Regularity And Supernaturalism

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I certainly cannot add to this conversation, but I regularly watch Professor Brian Cox (world renown physicist and personality) on TV because the beauty and the order, the complexity and diversity in creation fascinate me.  The colour too is mind bogglingly beautiful.  It is a humbling experience that leads to Joyful wonderment.  I have never found that the attempts to understand the universe and creation has a detrimental affect on Faith, if anything it enhances it.  God has gifted us intelligence and reason, with curiosity too, and someone in this thread has said that not to use them in striving to understand our world would be disrespectful...........or words to that effect.  

I do believe that God can act outside of our understanding in miracles, but then too I think that what we do know and understand about our world is a miracle too.  Creativity, curiosity, intelligence and reason are all miracles to me.      Science can answer I think how matter came into being, but from where did the elements that comprise matter come?  And so science answers some question, but the most important question about our beginnings eludes the science only mind.



Professor Brian Cox


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