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Your Favorite Living Religious -- Almost Saints


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Now don't tell him I named him, but a Dominican friar named fr. Bob Keller OP. You know him if you are one of the Catholic students at IU, Bloomington, Indiana, as he is the pastor of the student parish there. From a young age, the Dominicans have had him serving as pastor at a series of different university parishes or Newman Centers or what have you. He is one of those friars who is made for community living, the least arrogant and most available of servants. Some people question his leadership style because he doesn't have the leader magnetism. He leads by example, not by throwing his weight around. The friars know what a rare man he is. His preaching is exemplary, one can learn from any one of his homilies.
I asked fr. Bob once how he deals with a student population that is so much in flux, where the parishioners are always changing, and he shrugged, "Just love 'em."

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[quote name='MaterMisericordiae' timestamp='1281564550' post='2156134']
Fr. Glenn Sudano, CFR

Has anyone else heard his "Crazy Lady on the Bus" story?


I heard it at a Youth 2000 retreat a while back. :)

um no but it sounds interesting :detective:

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