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Nashville Dominicans

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[quote name='ameliabedelia' timestamp='1283205880' post='2165624']
is anyone going on the Jesu Caritas retreat oct 1st - 3rd????
I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!! [img]http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/public/style_emoticons/default/clap2.gif[/img]



Enjoy :)

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Domine ut Videam

Great to finally see the pictures! :clapping: I have three close friends from school there now: Sr. Toni (a postulant), Sr. Bernadette Marie (a novice) (we used to live on the same floor and be in a FOCUS bible study together!), and Sr. Veronica Marie (first profession just happened)! What a beautiful gift all of these vocations!

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[quote name='IgnatiusofLoyola' timestamp='1283997880' post='2170557']
MS--Which one is your Sister sister?
If I remember correctly, she's the one on the farthest right. Just look for the goober. :P :hehe:

I double checked and she is the furthest right. And my other really good friend that I just met this summer, is the furthest left in the 2nd row. :nun: <--I can't wait until they get veils and look like that! EVEN CUTER!

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[quote name='Caritas' timestamp='1281844155' post='2157576']
Has anyone heard anything from them lately? Updates on professions, the reception of the habit, the new postulants, etc..? Their website hasn't been updated in what appears to be a few months, and I was just curious if anyone knows anything or has seen any pictures. Thanks!!

I just found this, and I needed to contribute! :)
Go to their website, and under the tab 'News' click 'Latest News'. Has lots of nice pictures of their activities and all that. :)

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