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Nuns In Advertising


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[quote name='homeschoolmom' timestamp='1289740640' post='2187095']
There used to be a cute McDonalds ad during Lent for their reduced-price Filet O'Fish. Back then they were on sale for something 49c on Fridays after 4:00 PM. The ad went something like this:

Young nun: Is it time?

Older nun: Patience is a virtue, Sister.

<sound of clock striking 4 o'clock>

Nuns fold their hands in prayer and head to the McDonald's counter.

Now, of course, they have that obnoxious singing fish... the FoF are on sale all day every day throughout Lent without any hint of the reason.

Great videos...good laughs!! :clapping: I think I remember this commercial.

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haha is it sad i've seen all of these already?



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