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Novena To The Immaculate Conception


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[quote name='Sister Marie' timestamp='1291845110' post='2191637']
This is my community's special feast day. Please remember us in prayer as we renew our vows during the Mass today and pray and celebrate with one another. Prayers on this special day!

Sister Marie

Prayers, Sister! I love communities that renew their vows on Holy Days dedicated to Mary. I think it is so special because I truly believe that Sisters/nuns are imitating Mary's hidden life of service to the LORD. May GOD bless you on this most beautiful day. :)

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Just got back from the Mass of the Immaculate Conception. What a beautiful service. We sang one of my favorite Marian hymns: "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman." I love that song and I feel so peaceful singing it. It stirs up an image of Mary smiling, radiant and beautiful. This feast day always gets the Christmas season going a little bit faster, if you know what I mean. ;)

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