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New Institute Of Franciscan Missionary Sisters

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Just so there's no confusion about who I am, my name is Fr. John D'Orazio, I am a priest incardinated in the Diocese of Rome and I am pastoral assistant in a parish here in Rome. I work with the Dioce

[quote name='FutureSister2009' timestamp='1303223262' post='2230160'] Well then is it wrong for me to want to be a part of them? [/quote] No- but I think it is really important that you find out

[quote name='HopefulBride' timestamp='1303431441' post='2231008'] The relationship between the SMMI and the FMI sisters (I think that is their accronym) [/quote] Oh wait I got you wrong! I thou

To all those who wish to know: By decree of the Vatican, Patrizi can no longer be a religious in any way shape, or form. All dioceses that she has been involved with have been (or should have been) notified. The Sisters Minor of Mary Immaculate have been disbanded due to their population being practically nill since the issues of the two schisms. "Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus and Mary Immaculate" as well as the splinter group that Patrizi tried to form from this order have been dissolved by the Vatican and followers of any order that Patrizi is involved in cannot be recognized by The Church. 

If anyone wishes more official information on this (and there is plenty), please feel free to contact me via this site.

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I meant to say she is identifying herself as an oblata Francescana. She has written books and materials and taught lectured at conferences under madre Maria Elizabetta patrizi or under sr Maria patrizi. There is sr Teresa Kovacs in america trying to get the branch of patrizi in america. 

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You've posted the same things on multiple threads about this suppressed community over the years (and according to your IP address, you posted in this specific thread two years ago under the name Little Therese). You're obviously hurting very much. However, Phatmass is a vocations forum to support discerners in their journey, and as there is no danger of anyone joining this community any more now that it has been suppressed, I don't think it helps to keep resurrecting old threads in order to post the same things. Your situation was highly unusual and discerners with established communities are very unlikely to face those problems. There are no Church officials posting here, and there is no psychologist who can offer online support, so we aren't the right place to keep dealing with this. I hope you find what you need, and I will be praying for you, but I need to close this thread.

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