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Recap Ii Entrances And Vows ~ 2010-2011


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[b][u]School Sisters of Notre Dame [/u][/b]

"Catch up" link: since 2008, [b]3 final professions [/b]in the US and 3 in Africa;[b] 3 temporary professions in the US[/b] and 10 in Africa; novices: [b]2 in the US [/b]and 8 in Africa.

[url="http://www.ssnd.org/External/pg_bec_community_finalvows.htm"]http://www.ssnd.org/External/pg_bec_.. ._finalvows.htm[/url]

[u][b]Religious of the Sacred Heart[/b][/u] rscj -

[b]New novice[/b]

[url="http://www.rscj.org/node/1320"]http://www.rscj.org/node/1320[/url] in their new noviceship in San Diego,
video : [url="http://www.rscj.org/system/files/vid00008web1"]http://www.rscj.org/...es/vid00008web1[/url] .

[b][u]Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods IN[/u][/b]

[b]Transfer of vows[/b]

[url="http://www.spsmw.org/tabId/724/itemId/2132/Sister-Anna-Ho-transfers-vows-to-Sisters-of-Provid.aspx"]http://www.spsmw.org/tabId/724/itemI.. .of-Provid.aspx[/url]

[b]Photo of seven women in formation/temporary profession[/b]

[url="http://www.spsmw.org/SistersofProvidence/Becomeasister/Womenininitialformation/tabid/872/Default.aspx"]http://www.spsmw.org/SistersofProvid.. .2/Default.aspx[/url]

[b][u]Sisters of Providence [/u][/b]founded by Mother Emelie Gamelin of Canada

Following is a "catch up" from archived news at [url="http://sistersofprovidence.net/news"]http://sistersofprovidence.net/news[/url]

June 2009 ~ final transfer of vows
Sept 2008 ~ two new candidates (postulants)
Aug 2007 ~ two final vow transfers
July 2007 ~ first profession of vows
Sept 2006 ~ first profession of vows
Nov 2005 ~ renewal of vows
Oct 2003 ~ two transfers of final vows
Aug 2004 ~ final vows

[b][u]Sisters of the Presentation of Mary[/u][/b] ~ Dubuque, IA
[i]Doorways Newsletter[/i] ~ Summer 2010 --[b]Vow renewal and another in temporary vows [/b] (Srs. Jessi, LIzzie)

[url="http://www.dubuquepresentations.org/New_Site/bulletinindex.cfm"]http://www.dubuquepresentations.org/.. .letinindex.cfm[/url]

[b][u]Missionaries of the Most Holy Trinity[/u][/b]

[b]Final Profession [/b] June 2010

[url="http://missionaryservant.blogspot.com/2010/06/sister-christines-journey-to-final.html"]http://missionaryservant.blogspot.co.. .-to-final.html[/url]

[b][u]Society of the Holy Child Jesus[/u][/b]

[b]Fifteen international novices[/b], from Nigeria, Ghana, Puerto Rico

[url="http://www.shcj.org/society.html"]http://www.shcj.org/society.html[/url] listed on right

[b][u]Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur[/u][/b] ~ California Province

[b]First Vows[/b]

On[b] Facebook[/b]: [url="http://www.facebook.com/home.php#%21/pages/Sisters-of-Notre-Dame-de-Namur-California/63749462153"]http://www.facebook.com/home.php#! /p...ia/63749462153[/url]

[b][u]Sisters of Notre Dame[/u][/b] ~ Toledo Province

[b]New Candidate[/b] (Jayme) -- under "News" on right side


Also [b]Facebook:[/b] Toledo Sisters of Notre Dame-- go to Wall, scroll down to 25 March, 2011--short video clip.

[b][u]Mount St. Scholastica, OSB [/u][/b] ~ Atchison Kansas

[b] Two Final Professions (Sr. Elizabeth) and another in Brazil.[/b]


[url="http://mountosb.org/whats.html"]http://mountosb.org/whats.html[/url] Scroll down to Jan 2, 2011.

[b][u]Sisters of Our Lady of Sion[/u][/b]

A very interesting congregation, consisting of both apostolic and contemplative sisters, devoted to ecumenical relations among Christians, Jews and Muslims. Perform ministry, maintain schools and traditionally have a presence in the Muslim world and Jerusalem.

[b]Two First Vows[/b], one in a Coptic Catholic church in Egypt, and another (Sr. Nan) in Ohio.
Spring 2011 Newletter [i] Spirit [/i] [/i]pp. 2,3. [url="http://www.sistersofsion.net/"]http://www.sistersofsion.net/[/url]

[b][u]Queen of Angels Monastery OSB [/u][/b] ~ Liberty, Missouri
New postulant[/b] (Iowalyn) February, 2011 Feast of St. Scholastica


Sacred Heart Monastery[/u][/b] ~ OSB ~ Yankton, South Dakota

[b]Transfer -[/b]- Newsletter Summer 2010


[i]Previous [/i]: one postulant, two renewal of temporary vows, summer 2010.

[b][u]Benedictine Sisters of Virginia[/u][/b] ~ OSB

From their marvelous blog: [i]Monastics on a Journey[/i]
Sept 23, 2010 photo of their [b]seven women in formation
[url="http://www.monasticsonajourney.blogspot.com/"]http://www.monastics...y.blogspot.com/ [/url] and:

[url="http://www.osbva.org/html/Vocation2.html"]http://www.osbva.org.../Vocation2. html[/url]

This was the monastery which had three sisters in a severe auto accident caused by a drunk driver. One sister was killed, two badly injured, but have since made excellent recoveries.

Mother of God Monastery OSB [/u][/b]~ Watertown SD and

[b][u]Sacred Heart Monastery OSB [/u][/b]~ Yankton SD

.....had a meeting in Oct 2010 of those in initial formation and their directors, at Sacred Heart Monastery.

The Watertown monastery had [b] four novices and one postulant [/b]at the meeting.[b] [/b]The Yankton monastery[b] had three novices and one postulant.[/b]


in the[i] Winter 2010-2011[/i] newsletter listed on right.

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