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Men In Habits


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I meant to come back and correct this sometime, and I guess that time is now. The monk on the left could very well be from Mount Angel, I'm not sure. The last time I was there I saw someone dressed the same way, so maybe it's their novice habit or something?  :idontknow:

The one on the left is a Cistercian. Benedictines wear all black habits: both tunic and scapular. The only exception, to my knowledge, is if they're from Africa, in which case the habit is white (although they still have a black cincture). Cistericans have the white tunic with black scapular, though.

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I can't find very many pictures on their website, but here are the Benedictine monks at Mount Angel Abbey (in St. Benedict, OR):





(I don't know where the one on the left in this picture is from, but he isn't from Mount Angel.)

Post above in response to the bottom picture here (it didn't quote the picture in my last post :( )

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Yup, my bet is OCSO (Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance / Trappist) from the Lafayette, Oregon Abbey near there... or a Cistercian (O.Cist.) from somewhere else.... :)


Definitely a Cistercian flavored habit!   :)

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On 9/25/2013, 10:38:53, nunsense said:

I think any habits are gorgeous - male or female! :)

I think the same way you think. Thank you so much to shared this amazingly beautiful photo ! God Bless for it ! :)

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