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These have got to be the best "Papal Election Reaction" photos in existence. 


Ever. ETA: I put 'em here because there's no thread dedicated to papal election reaction pictures...and there's a sister in these, anyway. :) (One of "my" sisters.)





(REALLY THO!!!! :nun: )








And they say that young Catholics are apathetic. :doh:

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[quote name='Ale.SOLT' timestamp='1320937507' post='2334299'] Quote What order is this? I've seen some sisters with this habit around my dioceses. And I get really excited when I see them [/quot


Daddys girl..and Child of the Father...SSVM (Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matera)

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can someone please tell me what order these sisters belong to? 



You can just catch a glimpse of another photo taken at the same event at the bottom of this page. Perhaps you could e-mail the photographer at bill@wpwittman.com and ask him who was there.


I did find that similar photo on this page.


I can't search for your photo because it doesn't have a proper link.

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can someone please tell me what order these sisters belong to? 



I think that is from the textbook that I wrote recently, but I don't know which communities these Sisters are from! (When I was writing the book, I would just suggest what kind of images to use for certain sections--e.g., I would say something like: "A group of religious at prayer.") I really do like this particular photo, though!

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