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Women In Habits


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Amesome! Where did you find it?

And which sisters are they?

I believe these are German Sisters of Charity.I belong to Gemma's group on the religious habit at Yahoo Groups. There are some old photos of the various Sisters of Charity and their coronetts.These are german sisters according to the album the photos are in.

It's interesting to see the variations. some spanish sisters have theirs sticking out real wide.

It's funny that this photo was posted. According to my great aunts,,,some of my relatives in Germany were Notre Dame Sisters and Sisters of Charity.Since I have cousins in the area  around there on my dad's side,,it would be funny if one of them was related to me.

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Wow, sorry for the gazillion posts. My internet was being whacky. 


If a mod wants to delete the extras, that'd be cool. 


But here are more pics:





Sr. Mary Peter is covered with a pall to signify her death to the world and her life in Christ
Sr. Mary Peter made her final vows on February 5, 2011



Praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy during Adoration â€” at St. Peter's, Steubenville, OH .

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Sisters of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus posted this picture on their fb page today,.....





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Daddys girl..and Child of the Father...SSVM (Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matera)


May have said this already, but that is my friend Sr. Marie Protectrice de la Foi! She was at the March. I got to see her. It was so amazing to see someone from my diocese following their call.

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