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Order Guessing Game

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I found 2 communities in the NorthWest:

[url="http://www.stgertrudes.org/"][b][size="2"]Sisters of St. Benedict - Monastery of St. Gertrude [/size][/b][/url][b][size="2"](Cottonwood, ID)[/size][/b]

[b][size="2"]Carmelite Sisters of Eugene Oregon [/size][/b] [url="http://aquerofoundation.com/index.html"]http://aquerofoundation.com/index.html[/url]

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another possibility would be Mother Kevin's Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa.

Mater you got it right! (I wonder how... ) Your turn

[quote name='MaterMisericordiae' timestamp='1321936711' post='2339315']
This order is described as secular, though they live in community. Founded in a European country in 1926, this order has both priests and Sisters.
Schoenstatt sisters?

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Secular Institute - The mens order was founded in 1914 at the Pallotine Seminary
[url="http://www.schoenstaetter-marienschwestern.org/147012-de33-e65202ab-90826.php?icms_language=1#"][img]http://www.schoenstaetter-marienschwestern.org/static/icon_window_close.png[/img][/url] Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary is the order founded for the Sisters in 1926 by Fr. Joseph Kentenich I am not sure but that is my guess

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[quote name='truthfinder' timestamp='1321949790' post='2339366']
These sisters were founded in Alberta, yet are mostly in Quebec. They imitate an early Quebec quasi-anchoress.

[url="http://www.reclusesmiss.org/rm_english.php"]The Recluse Sisters[/url]?

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This order is relatively new and was founded in Ottawa, Canada. It was founded by a Filipino woman who discerned that she was called to consecrated life, but did not find a community that she felt drawn to. It was started with the foundress, another woman, and a priest.

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MM They are the Servants of the Cross and are associated with the Companions of the Cross, a community of priests founded by Fr. Bob Bedard. Their website: [url="http://www.servantsofthecross.ca/"]http://www.servantsofthecross.ca/[/url] Companions website: [url="http://www.companionscross.org/"]http://www.companionscross.org/[/url]

I cheated as I know them...a beautiful, faithful community.

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