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What Do You Want Your Religious Name To Be?

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I'm thinking of Sr Maria (and then my baptismal name). I really wanted Mary somewhere there. If I can't have my Baptismal name, I'd choose a Saint I like (Therese, Gemma, Philomena). There are also Blesseds and Servants of God I have a devotion to but I'm not sure if it has to be a Saints name.

As for the title - Im thinking of "of the Divine Will", or "of the Holy Face", and I always liked "of the Sacred Heart" but "of the Merciful Heart of Jesus" was suggested before and I like it even more.... It includes the Divine Mercy devotion that God used to bring me into the Church :)

lately I've also been really liking "of the Merciful Love of Jesus". That is very meaningful to me. 

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Whoa. Clicked the wrong thread. Since I'm here...hmm...a few ideas: 1. Sister Mary Galadriel 2. Sister Princess Buttercup 3. Sister Samwise Gamgee of the Shire and the Holy Face Oh, never mi

Sister Awesome Sister Spectacular Sister Fabulous Sister Can't-Touch-Dis Sister Sistah Sister I'm-Every-Woman Sister Mary Marvelous

Sr Margarita

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Oh you all should see my list! 


If I enter with the SSVMs I would like to take Sr. Mary Flower of Carmel. :love: But Our Lady has like some of the best titles ever so anything goes! I feel like I need to be Sr. Mary something. 

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By this time next year, I'll have put in my three choices for when I, God willing, enter the novitiate. I honestly don't know what I'll put. I was poking through this thread to see if anything seemed good, but I don't think I've really found "the one" yet. I kind of like the idea of just leaving it up to my superiors, and sometimes they do pick names for people that aren't ones they put it, so you never know. 

So far, the two names I like are Sr Mary Fidelis and Sr Issac Marie. I also like Sr Miriam Hope and Sr Mary Emmanuel, but they don't seem like a "fit" for me. Not sure if I'll end up putting those down or not. Whatever I put down, I'll have an answer by next August! 

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I recently had a nice conversation with a sister from the DSMME on a home visit and she told me that they had to be careful picking names. With them being a teaching order, simplicity was necessary as Mother Assumpta always told them to imagine a five year old trying to say their names. :smile3: I loved talking with her. Might have to make another retreat. ;)

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