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Surprise Visit


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Thank-you for the excellent update--I'm SO pleased you got to see your Sister sister (and that she got to see Peanut's bump). I'd love more details if you have time some other time when you on a better computer. I'd love to hear what the novitiate at the ND's is like (although it's probably much too soon for your Sister Sister to really know the answer).

I, too, want to see pictures. I was hoping you'd have some of your own to post. Why haven't the ND's posted the pictures yet on their Web site ? Don't they realize we are all breathlessly waiting for them? What's the delay?

Your post, however, did answer one burning question, that is, "Are ND novices allowed to squeal?" Apparently the answer is "Yes," although I suspect that there would be circumstances where squealing would be frowned upon, such as during the consecration at Mass.

For some reason, I feel like your Sister sister has become an adopted Sister sister for Vocation Station. I hope she fully realizes the important responsibility that goes along with this incredible honor, namely, that we want LOTS of updates from her, passed along to you!

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[quote name='maximillion' timestamp='1315816982' post='2303724']

The best laid plans.......
I love how He uses folk who are so clear, so determined....till He gets His way!!!!
Seriously, whatever His Will for you, you will be irrepressible!

im not gonna be a nun

[quote name='MaterMisericordiae' timestamp='1315817182' post='2303725']

Haha! I told her that she shouldn't be so hasty to say for sure! God will find a way -- I know He did for me! I was so sure that I was going to get married and have 6 kids, but in religious life, it is so much better because you get betrothed to Jesus, Our Beloved and have the whole world as your children! :)

im still not gonna be a nun


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