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The Wedding Dress Orders (For Us Romantics)

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[img]http://parishableitems.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/bride_of_christ_1_7m7h2.jpg[/img] The Bride of Christ the King

[quote name='Sr. Mary Catharine' timestamp='1318966402' post='2323299'] But oh, how I missed not having a crown of flowers at profession! :-( [/quote] Sometimes someone will post on Phatmass


For a long time I really wanted to have a wedding dress and everything, and was very disappointed that none of the communities I was interested in (or really many at all) still continued that tradition. But then I came to realize that well first of all, it does seem a little over the top. At least for postulants entering the novitiate. I mean, probably at least half of them leave anyway so what is the point of this whole "wedding" if its not really your wedding? I think it would be a good idea for solemn profession, but then you would get into the problem that they are already invested in the habit and would be taking it off, would have to make sure their hair was grown out and stuff, etc.


And you know, this sounds terrible, but I think most of the wedding dresses that these various communites use are ugly. I would never want to wear one. I would want a beautiful one. And of course those are expensive. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that maybe most of those dresses cover a little bit too much skin? I think you can be modest and still not look like, I don't know, a Muslim or something lol. I guess its because their religious they're being extra modest or something. Anyhow I wouldn't get married in one. :haha:


Sorry that was a little bit rambling :)

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ramblings are welcome here and anywhere in VS I think! :smile3: personally, I'm fine with having one or not, honestly :) most Carmels don't have them. I do really love seeing all the pictures though. It just seems like one of those really beautiful things in life, like little girls in their First Holy Communion dresses and infants in their Baptismal gowns. Love what it represents... :heart:  But also for religious, I think the custom began especially to emphasis one's leaving the world by wearing one's finest, as St. Clare did.


The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary actually wear them at final profession. The Wahpeton, ND Carmelites used to also (someone once mentioned that they don't anymore though) 


I think I like most of the dresses I've seen here, but yes, it's true that some just plain ugly, lol. 


linking this thread here for future reference :like: http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/topic/129234-wedding-dresses-when-did-communities-start-using-them/





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In a 2006(?) video, the Dominican nuns of Lockport, LA showed the clothing of a novice who entered the chapel wearing a wedding dress.

I've never heard of another Dominican Community where the postulant wore a wedding dress. But then, I am FAR from an expert on Dominican Communities.

Also, the Lockport Dominicans seem to have fallen off the radar. Their last post in their blog was in October 2010. There was an active poster in VS, "Saint Therese" who joined the Lockport Dominicans in May(?) 2010, but it appears that none of us have kept in contact with her. I think about her sometimes and pray that all is well, and that she became a novice last spring.

"The cloistered Dominicans of the Monastery of the Heart of Jesus have chosen to withdraw from social media and primarily to use "snail mail" correspondence.[18] This decision is part of the Community’s return to the traditional expression of Dominican monasticism as per Summorum Pontificum (2007) and Universæ Ecclesiæ (2011)." did some research and this is what I found :)

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I think many of the dresses are pretty :) like these: http://icrsp.org/IMAGES-APOSTOLATS/IMAGES-2010/Gricigliano/Prise-Habit/Prise-Habit.htm

just the simple white dress with a veil. I like that they cover as much as they do, because they are religious and also so they're not too "worldly". They just look so innocent and pure :) if they were like typical wedding dresses today (strapless... etc) they'd look more "of the world". (to be honest I'm not a fan of those dresses at all, and if I got married, I wouldn't wear them anyways).


If I were entering I wouldn't reject an order on the basis of whether they have the dresses or not, of course, lol, - but if they happen to, I think it's nice symbolism :) same with rings. But the Carmelites don't wear the dresses (based on what I read on the previous page???) yet I love their ceremony so much too. Or how the Passionists wear the crown of thorns. It's all so symbolic and beautiful :) 

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But the Carmelites don't wear the dresses (based on what I read on the previous page???) yet I love their ceremony so much too. 


Oh, some still do and most did (since the mid-1800's at least) until more recent times. Here's my post a couple pages back - http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/topic/116361-the-wedding-dress-orders-for-us-romantics/?p=2574523


Also a couple pictures here - http://www.carmelsong.com/daughterCarmels.htm and my profile picture of "Chiqui" of course :like:

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St. Thérèse on her clothing day (there are no actual photos from it) It was a custom in French Carmels at the time to leave and re-enter the enclosure that day.








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