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Entering The Convent, The Orthodox Way

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I was thinking about how to start this topic, and kept running into things that would need to be explained to a (mostly) Roman Catholic audience. And I thought that there was no way to cover all the d

Reason #193 why Mother is the best Abbess EVER: [i]Dear Marigold,[/i] [i]I feel as if there is a ghost in chapel these days -- I go in and it seems someone should be there only I don't see them

I can't find the words to thank you all individually, so THANK YOU and know that I'm praying for all of us here. Feeling a bit more human today. I slept for about 13hrs, woke up to an unexpected le

Hello Marigold, I do not think I have ever seen you before at Phatmass, must be as I am an old guy. :lol: I seen this and wanted to wish God's blessings for your vocation. I have always had a special love for nuns and I will pray to St. Theresa asking her for her direct prayerful intercession on your travels and your new life!

My wish for you is that you find all that you are seeking through God's love.

Good luck.


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[quote name='AnneLine' timestamp='1335805544' post='2425219']
The only complication for Marigold's entrance being so soon (!) is I am scheduled to go on a trip to visit a very sick friend.... and will leave on Friday night and won't return until Tuesday evening! (Marigold, I don't want to have the visa delayed... but one more week would make things easier....!)

Well, this worked! :oops:

Dear Marigold,

Glad all the pieces are finally in place, but we will miss you around here!

And since you are finally making it to the monastery, with time I hope you can forgive AnneLine for jinxing you with regard to this last passport issue. ;)


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I honestly do not have any more props left to give or I would props you all, you lovely things :blush:

I took a risk and paid an insanely small amount of money to a company I would not normally buy from, the result being that I now have two flights which will get me to the States with *only* a 14-hour layover in Madrid! I leave this Thursday at 5 p.m. GMT (or are we in British Summer Time now?) and get in at half past twelve EST on Friday. From there I have a 5-hour bus ride to the small town near the monastery, and I'll be picked up by one of the Mothers, hopefully arriving at the monastery just in time for bed!

I'm still swinging between happy certainty and a kind of horrified atheism. Mother Abbess's latest email said jokingly that after all the delays, she's now convinced I have a calling from God to attempt the life! :hehe: We'll see how the next couple of days go. I was up at the crack of dawn to get my passport so it's an early night for me.

May the Lord and his most holy Mother protect and keep every one of you for your kindness to me. It won't be forgotten.

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I'm so glad that you are now able to complete your journey.....................I know that you will be in very safe hands.. !!
God Bless you Marigold :nun3: .

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Marigold, I will be praying for you and your vocation in these upcoming months and years. We'll be sisters of sorts. :)

I've loved seeing your posts around the phorum. You are a beautiful soul.

If you are what you should be, you'll set the world ablaze. ~ St. Catherine.

Be what you should be, Marigold. :)

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