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The Countdown To The Retreat

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OK let's see. . . Tell Brittani and Brigette God revealed to you their plan to try and have a secret slumber party in Sr. Angela Marie's cell with movies and popcorn and He sent you to bust them! Tha



(DtA welcome back!)

[quote name='Deus_te_Amat' timestamp='1324925182' post='2357718']
9 and a wake up!

Dang. :shock:

I just got a little bit terrified.

I had almost forgotten you also had a retreat coming up! Don't be scared it will be amesome!

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I have no serious plans yet, but if the response if good (email) from the VD of RSM, I may look ito visiting them in the early spring on one of their discernment retreats. Mater has been an inspiration to look further into the order and consider visiting! It's exciting!

I hope your retreat goes great, Mon!!!!! :yahoo:

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[quote name='Lil'Monster' timestamp='1324956364' post='2357920']
My retreat is February 11th..which is the day after my birthday.....

Great, I get back from my visit on the 10th February, so will be able to wish you Happy Birthday before you leave! :)

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[quote name='JoyfulLife' timestamp='1325034409' post='2358329']
21! I never would have guessed it. :) Your photos are especially youthful.

Why thank you!

Well in this picture..I am actually 18...But I will try to get more recent pictures of myself. :blush:

You know what? Many people have told me that...I looked alot younger than my age! Also I act younger too..... :blush:

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