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You have a very serious anxiety disorder. I also have an anxiety disorder. Medication can only do so much and after a while it doesn't work very well. If you are taking it often enough, sometimes it s

Why can't you still go on retreat and be on the core team? I suffered from a chronic anxiety disorder for years, and although I no longer meet diagnostic criteria I still have quite an anxious temp

"Pray hope, and don't worry." Everything is in God's hands. The other day, I saw a man walking his little puppy down the road. When he went to cross the street, he picked up the puppy into

[quote name='the171' timestamp='1335575076' post='2424179']
I can't control my anxiety. It isn't just in my head. It stems from an actual incident that ACTUALLY hurt me. It is an ACTUAL fear. I can't touch it, but I also can't control it. All my meds are in check, they checked for infections diseases and all that today as well as at the ER, I am switching one medicine to natural supplements just to be sure that nothing reacts badly, I have an appt with a counselor this Tuesday at 3:30 CST. Why did I put commas? God only knows. I haven't had an attack today. Though the symptoms have been lingering. Like the smell of old milk. I swear, if I ever go to the ER again or think about my time in the ER I might just stab a kitten with a fork. IT WAS SO SCARY AND STRESSFUL. They gave me a medicine to take 3 times a day, but my school and my mom won't let me take the medicine the second time because the school banned that medicine and my mom doesn't want me becoming a pill-popper. I hate this. I am afraid to go back to school Monday. Everyone thinks I had a seizure, or I am insane, and some person said I died. We're in finals and I am scared I will have one during finals. What a joy is my sophomore year!

And they checked the hormones when they did the urine test at the ER.

Generally, schools work things out when it comes to medication. My friends with CF would die without their medication; with a doctor's note, they could go to the nurse's office and take their medications. I will pray that your mom comes around.

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Baby sloths ALWAYS de-stress me.... how can you not laugh?

Here Come the Baby Sloths!




Find a few videos that you enjoy, and we'll pray you thru this...

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[quote name='maximillion' timestamp='1335605091' post='2424325']
Okay, if I was discerning right now I would have lost my vocation and REALLY want to be that Sloth foster mum..............

I vote you start the first community dedicated to baby Sloth bathing.

Prayers ( and Sloths)!

I had the exact same thought :hehe2:

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Maybe that ought to be the Vocation Station patroness -- Our Lady of the Sloths....

boy there are times when I feel like I belong in that monastary! (but not because of the baby beasties... because I seem to get so little done!)

But those guys help me... because sometimes I think we must look like the sloths to God.... so tiny and helpless and slow... but so CUTE! No wonder God wants to hold us SO tight!!!!

The171, when you are at your weakest, most helpless, most frightened... the more adorable you are to our loving God. Let him hold you and care for you...and help you over the rough patches. This will get better. Relax in God's arms.

Think of the sloth babies who don't much like their baths... and there are lots of other cute sloth videos (and kittens, puppies and ponies!) out there. You tube is such a gift when you need to focus on something else...

God knows best and will always bring out the best if we can trust Him. St. Therese knew this so intimately, and it is such an important thing for all of us to keep in mind when we are feeling just.... helpless. It will not always be like this. It will get better.

Last of the sloth videos -- becaue I do think we all get stuck.... and need a little help getting through things from time to time...


and with God's help, we CAN fly!

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Hmmm who ate my last sloth video... it is NOT a hybiscus flower!

Here is is again...

Sloth crossing the road - I believe I can fly!



OK the media isn't loading so you can find it by going to [url="http://www.youtube.com"]www.youtube.com[/url] and then searching for 'Sloth' and 'I believe i can fly'

What a pain!

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Sending prayers your way!

I sympathize very much in feeling useless--my chemical allergies make me feel useless a lot of the time. I can't work outside the home (for more than an hour or so), I never know when I'm going to get a sneezing/etc. attack from some perfume or something. High school is far behind me (and I was home-schooled anyway), but my college years and every opportunity for ministry and everything else is very hampered by my chronic conditions. It is very rough--and what you are going through is even worse. I used to have a kind of anxiety attack, so I understand a tiny, tiny bit of your suffering.

I do think that, as others have said, our health conditions are not necessarily given to us to make us humble. In my case, I have to fight for self-confidence--not fight arrogance! I am grateful, in some way, for being "trained" (so to speak) to turn to God more often than I might have if I didn't worry so much about health--but it takes a while to get to that point in dealing with health-problems. Mostly, when I first developed chemical-induced asthma, I was just scared to death all the time and angry (I already had more minor health problems at the time). But things got better for me (at least so that, being used to it, I don't panic nearly as often), and they WILL get better for you.

Oh, and one more thing. Do NOT feel bad about asking for help in prayer for YOURSELF. We want to build a real relationship with Christ and His Blessed Mother--and that means we can turn to them in our need. I used to feel I was selfish for doing this, but now I feel quite certain that I'm not being selfish when I ask for assistance for myself. I ask conditionally--"if it is Your will" anyway, and I ask for endurance. But I still ask for relief. And I don't think that is wrong. You are expressing trust by believing that what you ask for, you will receive.

What I wanted to suggest is that you look into something call EFT "Emotion Free Technique." It can come across as rather crazy, but my brother (who has panic attacks) has found the techniques useful to him. Also useful has been a type of counseling called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy) that actually targets the memories CAUSING the panic attacks and gently gets the brain to review them and reprocess them so that they will no longer be causing a problem. I don't know what caused your anxiety, but I know at least one person who was terribly hurt (I am afraid she was abused as a child) and she is working with this kind of therapy now. It is not the same as "talk therapy" because it actually works more on the brain and its processes and less on the emotions of the person. You might look into finding a counselor who provides this kind of therapy. It may be more effective than EFT, but you can do EFT yourself--awhile EMDR works better when assisted.

Everyone here has said wonderful things, so I won't add anything else. All I can say is that I will be praying hard for you. Saint Gemma Galgani, Saint Bernadette, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, and all the saints who ever suffered illness (and there are an awful lot of them) are wonderful advocates for us.

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Glad you got that news.

There are other kinds of treatments they use... one step at a time.

Talk to the counselor on Tuesday, and you two will work on a plan.

We will pray hard.


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Oh well, I'm sorry about the EMDR. Maybe EFT would be useful to you (you don't have to think about the cause of the attacks, it's just supposed to be soothing, like thinking, "I am strong, beautiful, and smart. I will succeed..." things like that).

Anyway, I'll be praying.

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