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Pcc Visit-what To Bring Them?

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Please pray for my family as we pay the Roswell PCCs a family visit next weekend...please pray especially for my dad, who is struggling with my vocation and might 'take it out' on the nuns, so to speak.

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The Roswell Poor Clare Colletines! I felt such a sense of coming home on my drive... Mother said to go home and if the nuns and my visit are incessantly in my thoughts then that means this is my new h

Thanks everyone--maximillion, God was truly watching over your community's needs! The problem, though, is that it gives me so much joy to give them everything they need/want--ESPECIALLY since I ha

Sr Mary Catharine OP

[quote name='Queen'sDaughter' timestamp='1341367779' post='2452204']
Thank you, Emily, for the explainations. I am glad to have fellow Benedictines along for the ride! Here is some of what Sister Scholastica told me about Benedictine Spirituality (edited for privacy and relevancy, though some of this is specific for the Benedictines of Mary):

"Visits are twice a year for two days each. We send out a letter with designated weekend for families to choose from. We do not really receive visits from friends unless an unusual circumstance arises. Otherwise, they could come with families. We are allowed to go home if an immediate family member is near death or for the funeral.
With regards enclosure, yes, we have to be adopting a better enclosure as soon as space permits. Papal enclosure (behind a grille) is not really being considered, as this would pose some difficulty for our charism and unified community living. Papal enclosure necessitates extern sisters. "Extensive hospitality" is one of the reasons listed to observe Constitutional Enclosure according to the Vatican document on the enclosure of nuns, Verbi Sponsa. But we will eventually be separated from the guest house, have a large portion of land and of the building "off limits" to outsiders. We would still be permitted to leave with permission according to necessity and what is in accord with the charism.
The Benedictine understanding of poverty is that of the Holy Family of Nazareth. It is not that of the Franciscans, who idealize Christ's poverty upon the cross. The Holy Rule indicates that each member's (real) needs must be given consideration and met under obedience if possible. For example, St. Benedict would have us keep our old habits "for the poor" and receive new ones. There is a sense that we could give things away to the poor, while living with what we actually do need. This is what I meant by Nazareth. It is funny, but we often share food donations with our Franciscan friends, and there is sometimes still enough to give to a food pantry!"

Thank you for sharing this. It's always enriching to read how other charisms live out the same basic observances.
Benedictine houses usually don't have papal enclosure because of their charism of hospitality although they aren't necessarily at odds with each other.

I would just like to say that while I respect what Sr. Scholastica said it's not exactly quite accurate. Papal Enclosure doesn't necessitate externs at all. Verbi Sponsa makes it quite clear that nuns may leave the enclosure to take care of the needs of the monastery. For many years we didn't have externs. We took care of the guest room did train/plane runs although friends mostly did those. We didn't do our own shopping, we were blessed to have others do it for us.

One could say, "what's the difference then?" Monasteries with constitutional enclosure could have the same exact enclosure as those with Papal Enclosure but it would be of their choosing. Papal Enclosure is something protected and guided by the Holy See. It is a gift received. It also provides certain safeguards on the community. Monasteries with Papal Enclosure are directly under the Holy See and the local bishop can't just decided to close the monastery!

I find it just amazing how the Church provides for such a wide range of observance while at the same time never making a judgement on what is "better". It's such a gift!

God bless you!
Sr. Mary Catharine

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Sr. Mary Catharine, quick question :) Do you know can a cloistered monastery be under Constitutional Enclosure and also profess Solemn Vows? I was discussing this with a friend the other day and she didn't think so. I believe they can as cloistered Benedictine Nuns profess Solemn Vows I believe .. and many of their monasteries are not under Papal Enclosure. Thanks!

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Sr Mary Catharine OP

Yes, solemn vows are determined by enclosure. Canon law doesn't make the distictiction expect according to one's constitutions. You can even be a Nun of the Order of Preachers and have Constitutional enclosure! Our constitutions allow this for special circumstances. It's very rare but there are few monasteries that have this. The new foundation in Delaware[url="http://www.benincasaop.org"] http://www.benincasaop.org[/url]/ is one such monastery.

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