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Hey ya'll! I had a thread a while back, but things just got too hard/complicated to discuss on a public phorum, so I've been pretty private about my own discernment. So, here's my one-week countdown

Okay. This is it! 1 day. This time tomorrow, I will be nearing the convent. Before I leave, my priest is coming to the house to give an early morning Mass for my family. God bless him! Than

[quote name='Lisa' timestamp='1345506935' post='2470919'] And, we still have one sister to get home! Check out Sophia's blog, and consider giving if you can. She's only got a little bit to go! [ur

Blessings, SISTER Lisa, and we'll keep your PhatSiblings informed of how it is going.

Strikes me if you just put sugar in the Turkey Tetrazinni recipe, that you have already started to do 'postulant-like' things.... this will be fun!

Prayers and love....

AnneLine :brutebeast:

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Congrats, Lisa - you're entering an amesome, solid order. So I assume you will be in Ann Arbor? I know they just acquired a house in Indiana (St. Felix Oratory) that is for formation purposes, but wasn't sure if the entire Novitiate would be there or how it would work. Anyway, God bless you and please continue to pray for us!

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[quote name='littlesister' timestamp='1346033539' post='2474661']
Congratulations, Lisa. You'll be in my prayers, too. My entrance anniversary is the day after yours, the 29th. It will be fifty years. I hope that yours will be as happy as mine have been. The Lord is a wonderful husband.

And He loves to dance.

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Goodness. This is hard, and I have only been active on VS this summer. I don't know how you longtimers can stand it!

Not to mention that this is just the beginning of The Great Exodus from PM that I hear happens every fall when people enter the convent or monastery. So happy for them but their absence is very noticeable and very sad.

I wonder how far Lisa has to travel. Praying. :pray:

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