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Emmaberry's Pcc Countdown

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Many prayers for your good journey.  It has reminded me too of my own, fifty years ago now.  Once you make the leap, a whole new world opens up.  Thank you also for all those poems by Mother Mary Francis. I 've saved  them all.  She has been a favorite since "A Right to Be Merry" was fresh. off the press.  It was a great encouragement then, and it is good to see that it still is. 

Godspeed, Emmaberry.  We will miss you, but be happy with where you are. 

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+ Praised be Jesus Christ! + In about* 3 and a half months I will be entering the Roswell Poor Clares! I beg your prayers in these next months. I will be spending less time on VS for the obvious

[quote name='emmaberry101' timestamp='1351907312' post='2503271'] [color=#222222][size=4][background=rgb(255, 255, 255)]I will not lie, I am aching to be back at the Monastery. Literally aching. I

I entered on this day, 22 years ago! I love the Epiphany! I flew here from MA because my parents didn't want to come (they thought it was a phase, even though I had been a novice for 2 years in an act

Poem of the Day



Song for A Frustrate Anchoress-

St. Colette of Corbie




(St. Colette, a Poor Clare of the 15th century,

was called from her anchorhold of prayer to

restore the Primitive Rule of St. Clare where

it had lapsed into mediocrity or collapsed into ruin.)


Where is there anathema, I wonder,

Worthy for such a tragedy as made

The Lady Poverty dully shear her gleaming

Hair, and hush her singing? Who has lent

The dancing bride of Francis heavy feet?


If Clare in her beatitude is shaken,

Tasting the salt of mortal tears again,

Where shall we find a scourge to fit the makers

Of ruin? See the little nests all broken,

Swaying among the dark, foreboding trees.

And Poverty walks lonely with her lantern

Seeking a lover, weeping all in vain.


But while we talk in curses, search for scourges,

The gentle Clare is bargaining on bliss-

All the peace of Heaven sweetly troubled

With her insistence! Not so easily

Will Clare who broke the rocky walls of Pontiffs

Suffer erosion to find her beautiful dream!


So, sigh, my little anchoress, in your stronghold

Of quiet . . . it is frail, if Clare is strong!

Nor tears nor cries shall move her for your pity

Till God be bribed with her seraphic love

To seal your ears, Colette, to steal your seeing.




Meek Clare and fragile Francis make demands

On God  with love that shakes the floors of Heaven.

With love that humbles stars, deflates the clouds,

And moves the Everlasting Arms to wrench you

Out of your lovely night, Colette, to day.


Yours be the holy curse of Clare and Francis:

Threat of the cruel road and talk and strife,

Yours be the always-going out of haven,

Yours be the terrible martyr of reclaim.


But if you buy back our dark in the harsh daylight,

Ransom our silence with your persistent pleas,

if you give back to Poverty her singing,

Rebuild the broken nests to the first pure folly.


After you drift to dust, exonerating

Your solitude at last, poor anchoress,

Gone long-road wandering, we shall call you, Mother,

Forever. And Clare will claim you like a crown.



Praised be Jesus Christ & His Holy Mother! Okay, one of the things I wanted to share with you that I read in a recent newsletter from the Minooka PCCS .. I will just quote it (it's in the context of speaking of the clothing of one of the Novices, Sr. Mary Bernadette)


"She had an ideal preparation for her retreat as her companions in the novitiate sent her off in spirit to the earthy paradise. They were following the writings of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich who claims that the Garden of Eden still exists on this earth and is guarded by the Angel, but that certain saints are privileged to go there. Our Holy Mother St. Colette was one of those chosen souls, and it was from there she returned with the little white animal which followed her wherever she went and which the Sisters never succeeded in catching."


My goodness, I had never heard of that! Of course, I haven't read her biography yet. But anyway, I wanted to post it here  :proud: It's neat in relation to Blessed Anne Catherine's revelations too :saint:


prayers as your entrance and her feast (edit: or rather, her birthday) draws near!  :pray:

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Emmaberry: The time is ticking along and soon you will be passing through the doors to your new life.  Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and with your family that you all will receive God's generous graces to carry you forward.  You are so very blessed, and such a sweet gift to His Majesty.  Your Life will give life to countless souls. All according to His Most Holy Will. 

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A day and a wake up! I'm so excited and happy for you! I hope you'll keep me, your aspiring Poor Clare sister, in your prayers :nunpray: Did you find out more details about your entrance? What time will you enter? Will it be after Mass? Will you change into your postulant outfit before you enter? I guess it will look something like this?



I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers!

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Okay, I typed out a ginormous post about how bad today has been and the various trials, etc and it was deleted! Oh well, must be a sign-that is what my mom is saying about every bad thing that happens.


If I have any advice at this point, it's get ready. Much like curiousing said in another thread, bad things tend to happen before entrance...and I am very much seeing that! So, if you are waiting to enter, prepare yourself.


Just a word of warning! And thanks for all the replies that talk about making it through the hard times-you all were SO right! And we still have a day or two left before I enter, so who knows what trials await..




As I said in my previous post, my computer was fried (crispy golden :P) so I have had to jockey my way onto the family computer to make this (last. probably) update. VS has been such a haven for me, and I don't know if I would have made it to entrance without it, truly! I want to thank you all. This really is a family and I will miss coming on here. If any of you would like to write (and I want to hear where many of you end up entering!), the Monastery has a website with their mailing information. If I persevere, my mom may come on here to update in a year concerning investiture information, if not, the Poor Clares' have their August newsletter that they post on the site.. So hopefully I will be in the next newsletter for persevering as a postulant, and the next for receiving the holy habit!


I have to get off now (siblings are pulling my hair), but thanks to all of you! I am sorry for the unanswered PMs, and the lack of posting here.. I can only think it must have been what God wanted, as my computer died out of the blue and that was my way of posting here..


Please pray for me, and I will be praying very much for everyone here! May God reward you!


As I say goodbye, I can't help but think of that Audrey Assad song lyric,


And now "I will disappear into a deeper beauty."


Goodbye everyone. :wave:

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Prayers and I will send you my name and address by snail mail.    You are loved and cared for by us and by God..... and let your family know we are there for them as well.  If anyone wants to come on here and just connect with us, we'll love to be there for them.


Holding you in loving prayer..... and see you one way or another.....



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I'm late in getting to this:'( you are in my thoughts as with all of us Emma!! IF I ever become a aspirant with the Sisters of St. Rita..and it gets hard for me..I will think of you as my inspiration to preserver..of course there is a day and night difference between the two..None the less, I look to you for grace and courage! All those open arms!! I can't wait to read about you later in the year. Remember the cave?! That is where your treasure is!!! God bless you!!!!o;-)

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