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Creepy Generic Undefined Human...?

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It's dUSt's way of saying he's sick of people complaining about the titles. I think once the most vociferous whiners quiet themselves down he'll put it back.

It's not personally directed at you or me. Don't worry about it or assume it somehow defines you ("painting others with the same brush" etc). It's dUSt's forum and he'll do what he likes with it, and

A Yearning Heart
According to Catholic Online - Saints Martin de Porres and Cosmos & Damien are the patron saints of hairdressers.  Interesting!

I haven't read the links to their descriptions myself as yet.



the links are quite detailed. St Martin de Porres was also a barber :)

totally random....perhaps dust is dropping a hint to help the hairdressing industry flourish. Maybe the next person you see with a perm is a Phatmasser :hehe:

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the links are quite detailed. St Martin de Porres was also a barber :)


Thank you. :)  Just about to switch off computer for night (9.22pm here in Sth Aust) - making a note to have a look at the link when I can.

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After a phew Phat Years, I no longer am insulted by the titles... they come and they go...


I did hate losing being a 'saint' at one point.. and I guess I still haven't arrived... pray for me.... I guess I am still in the army....

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