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Have You Narrowed It Down To Specific Orders Or Communities?

Renee the Nunnabe


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Keeping my cards close to my chest just at present. It's too soon since I returned to the world. But the Lord is doing interesting things in my heart these days, put it that way. :) Please pray for me too, as I will pray for each of you!


I'll be praying too. Please do pray for me as I am just starting to talk with a congregation I am really interested in and really need a prayer buddy or two.  I hope it goes well - as long as it his will, and not mine.


Ditto on the cards close to my chest. :)

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Dominican sisters of St. Cecilia!  :)  As soon as I turn 18, Deo voluntate.

Consecrated virginty, Carmel, or get a nice man and make lots of babies.



They're legit.

But they have tons of ticks on their property. Beware! ;)

Thanks for the heads up! I'm an outdoors chick so I'll make sure to be wary, I've only gotten a tick once, thank God. I could just see myself plunging into the woods and coming home infested xD
Maybe eventually they can start spraying.
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