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Video-abbaye Saint-michel De Kergonan ,benedictine


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Congregation of Solesmes.....of course in French,but wonderful images for those who do not understand.23 NUns plus one Novice , one postulant.There wonderful Abbey Church burned down a few year back, and this is in the new (2012) Church.Of course my favorite part is starting at 20:26 mark! the live only 1 mile south of their Benedictine Brothers at St.Anns Abbey, hence daily Mass (Ordinary Form-ad Gregorian)and Confessors from their.i watched wonderful interview with the Sisters shortly after their Abbey Church burned down, at it was sooo excellent , their attitudes and spirit and thoughts on Religious Life. PAX (ps i know for a fact that they welcome speaker of other languages who have a rudimentary grasp of French , and are willing to learn....


and WEBSITe in English






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EJames2, I know someone who would be happy to hear they take people from other countries who would learn French!  This person knows some French but is there an English speaking nun(s) to answer email or letters in English?

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Mmmm, love those Bennies!!


Thanks for posting. Way back in the mists of time when I was a member of Schola Gregoriano (based in Cambridge UK) one of our younger members was accepted as a postulant in this community.....don't know if she is still there and was one of those I just watched - it was over 30 years ago!

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Even without knowing French, these images "speak."   Kergonan is not far from our Motherhouse.  We used to love to go there.  What a heartache that fire was.  It's a joy to see the new chapel and even some familiar faces. 

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